Your Windows 11 is set to change; know how

Microsoft plans to redesign some old aspects of Windows 11. View the details here

Microsoft is redesigning the look and feel of Windows 11, especially some of its outdated aspects. Most importantly, the closing window gets a modern makeover. In fact, users will see many changes similar to improvements in suggested text and Paint. The new changes are likely to be found in Windows 11 Build 25115, which is available in the Dev Channel. Those who are enrolled in the Insider Program can access the change. It seems that the giant is planning to bring the WinUI elements to the oldest parts of Windows.

For the inexperienced users, the current interface of the Shutdown dialog box is identical to the one we saw on Windows 10. It does have the new Windows 11 logo and the rounded edges made famous by Windows 11, but not the ‘new ‘ WinUI design. There will also be new icons for when you’re in recovery mode, finally getting rid of the rather plain look. As reported by Techradar, users will see Windows 11’s shutdown options, from a drop-down menu that gives you the choice to Hibernate, Shut Down, Restart, or Standby your PC, once you press Alt + F4 press.

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It seems that Microsoft is preparing to bring more WinUI elements like Mica to the Shutdown dialog box in the operating system. As of now, Mica only applies to the title bar of Windows apps.

That’s not all, but Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 25115 has also introduced a new feature called Suggested Actions to make some tasks easier. For example, when a number is copied, an “inline light-disableable user interface” appears with suggested actions such as calling via Teams or other installed apps. Likewise, when the date or time is copied, it will show calendar event suggestions and launch an app according to the desired selection.

Apart from all this, Windows 11 Build 255115 also fixes issues such as loading time for system tray icons, updating speech platform to improve voice activity detection and much more.

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