Xbox Subscription Price Cut in India Announced! Check out the Xbox Game Pass price list now

Microsoft just announced a price cut for Xbox subscriptions in India! Check out the new Xbox Game Pass prices.

Good news for gamers! If you are a dedicated PC gamer or console player then this will surely be exciting news for you – Xbox subscription price cut in India has been announced by Microsoft. That means the Xbox Game Pass subscription price will drop as well. The new prices apply to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, PC Game Pass (PCGP), Xbox Console Game Pass, and Xbox Game Pass Gold. The new Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Live Gold price in India will be adjusted from April.

“We regularly evaluate Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Live Gold pricing at the local level to best serve customers in each country. These price adjustments were informed and based on the local market conditions in each country. This is simply a continuation of the price adjustments we made in select countries late last year,” Microsoft India said in a statement.

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The Xbox Game Pass Ultimate includes the benefits of Xbox Live Gold, the most advanced multiplayer network, along with over 100 high-quality games for console, PC and an EA Play membership. This keeps adding new games all the time to play something new for gamers. You can play together with friends on a multiplayer network, discover new games and also get exclusive member deals and discounts.

Xbox Game Pass members can access high-quality games in the PC or console libraries during their membership term. You can buy your favorite Xbox Game Pass by visiting the official website here:

View the price list of Microsoft Xbox subscriptions

Effective April 2022, the Xbox Game Pass subscription price will be reduced. The Xbox Game Pass Ultimate now has a new price of Rs. 499 per month instead of the current Rs. 699. Not only that, the prices for the 3 months, 6 months, 12 months and 24 months have fallen.

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Here are the new Xbox subscription prices for the rest of the plans in India:

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