Xbox Series S Price Gets HIKED In India: Here’s What It Will Cost

Prices of Xbox Series S and other Xbox accessories have risen in India. Here’s what they’ll cost as of June 30.

Xbox Series S console and all supported accessories will become more expensive from June 30, 2022. It has been almost two years since Microsoft announced the Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X consoles in India. With support for ray tracing and various advanced features, these consoles promised a major evolution in the gaming experience on consoles. Microsoft had kept the price unchanged despite the global chip shortage. That’s coming to an end, as rumors now suggest the Xbox console and accessories are going to get pricey in India.

Based on information from industry insider Rishi Alwani, Microsoft is rumored to be raising the prices of Xbox consoles and its accessories. The price hike will be reflected from June 30, 2022, giving people only a few days left to get the console at the older price. Microsoft has not stated any reasons for the price increase, nor has it officially announced anything in this regard. Is it the chip shortage or the supply chain shortage? We have no answers.

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Xbox Series S and its accessories are getting expensive

Rumor has it that the Xbox Series S console, which was available at a price of Rs. 34,990, will be available now at a price of Rs. 36,990. The controller compatible with the console now costs Rs. 5,590, up from the previous Rs. 5,390. The Xbox wireless headset is available at a price of Rs. 9,490, which is higher than the previous price of Rs. 8,990. There’s nothing on the Xbox Series X console yet, and the price increase will be eligible from June 30.

As of now, the Xbox Series S has a price tag of Rs. 33,250 on Flipkart which is a great deal in every way. Therefore, if you want to get your hands on the latest Xbox console, you need to make it happen now. The Xbox Series S isn’t the fastest gaming console, but it does offer some smart features like Quick Resume, 120fps gaming, and 2K gaming support. The 512 GB storage offers almost half the space for installing games and apps. Plus, the Series S includes access to the Xbox Games Pass subscription, which lets you try out the latest games without buying one.

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