Windows 11 users will probably NEVER get this feature! Microsoft explains why

Microsoft has rolled out Windows 11 to its users worldwide. But there is one feature that the latest Microsoft software version failed to make.

There is one feature that the latest Windows 11 users will never get! It’s the ‘seconds’ on the taskbar clock that won’t return to Windows 11! While most users don’t like rocket science and don’t really need it, it was still something that always caught the eye during an idle moment and for some reason it was quite captivating – back in the day. However, there are some reasons why Microsoft has turned off the seconds on its watch. In a Feedback Hub post, Microsoft explained it all. Here’s what Microsoft has to say.

Microsoft explained the reasons in a post

Microsoft said in a Feedback Hub post, “Please note that it is not currently supported to display the seconds in the flyout, but your interest in this has been shared with the team for future consideration.”

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However, this was not the case in the 1990s when the taskbar supported seconds in the clock format. But later the option became optional due to performance issues. And it was quite noticeable in the systems that only had 4MB of memory. But in the age of RAM as high as 8 GB, the situation is different. So why not bring the seconds back on the clock?

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Microsoft explains, “While it’s true that computers today have a lot more than 4 MB of memory, cutting seconds back is still not a good idea for performance.” It goes on to say, “On multi-user systems, such as Terminal Servers, it’s not one taskbar clock that is updated once every second. Instead, each user who logs in has their own taskbar clock, which should be updated every second.” That means calling up a hundred stacks once per second so that a hundred taskbar clocks can be repainted, which is generally not great because it basically means the system is spending all of its CPU update clocks.

Therefore, for not including the seconds in the taskbar clock, the answer is still… ‘Performance’.

So on the one hand is the feel-good factor and on the other hand the performance. Since it is the age of logic, reason and income, we think almost everyone will choose the latter. And that means… ‘Adieu, seconds.’ Fortunately, we still have watches that cheerfully tick away the seconds.

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