What Happened To Owen Wilson’s Nose? The Story Behind his Motorcycle Accident

What Happened To Owen Wilson's Nose? The Story Behind his Motorcycle Accident

Owen Wilson’s nose is probably the most famous of its kind in Hollywood.

It’s a blatantly muddled affair, appearing as a prominent, twisted protuberance that bends seemingly in all directions.

Owen’s nose almost resembles a knot that would gladly protrude from the shaft of an old tree.

This indeed means that his nose must have had several fractures! You would be right to say that!

Do you want to know why? Keep reading to find out why Wilson has a strange nose!

Owen Wilson was born in Dallas, Texas. His parents divorced when he was seven years old and later remarried to two different people.

He has three brothers named Luke, Andrew, and another older brother John Daley.

Wilson attended the University of Texas Bee Austin three months before stopping due to alcohol addiction.

At the age of 20, he entered a six-week heroin addiction treatment program.

The fracture incidents

Your nose can get bent, completely out of shape due to freak accidents, sports accidents and vehicle accidents.

In most cases, people seek rhinoplasty to correct problems with their nose, and this could be the reason why Owen has a crooked nose.

Owen is said to have broken his nose twice. At first, he got into a fight in high school and grabbed a hook on his nose.

For the second, he broke his nose while playing football with friends.

Owens motorcycle accident

In 2000, while riding his motorcycle during what seemed like an ordinary day with friends on Thanksgiving, he had an accident.

The impact flew him through the air and landed on his face. The accident resulted in facial injuries, but no further damage to his other organs.

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What does Owen Wilson’s nose look like?

Owen has a distinctively shaped nose that is larger than normal.

It’s not too big, but it stands out. It is unique in that its facial features are very symmetrical, and this feature does not fit in with the rest.

Why did Owen Wilson’s nose look like this after surgery?

Owen’s two accidents led to two nose jobs to correct his nose.

These surgeries are designed to correct a deviated septum or reshape the nose.

This is why the actor’s nose seemed oddly shaped.

Many fans had wondered how this could happen, since Wilson’s facial expression was not natural.

What happened to Owen Wilson’s nose?

Owen Wilson’s nose is oddly shaped from his mishaps in a scuffle and on the football field.

The accidents left him with limited brain and spinal injuries.

They did not affect other parts of his body, such as his face.

His treatment plan required surgery and so his nose is oddly shaped.

Did you know?

Owen Wilson never met his daughter Lyla. According to the Daily Mail, Wilson is now paying $25,000 a month in child support to his ex-girlfriend, Varunie Vongsvirates.

When asked to discuss his nose, the actor is coy, preferring a subtle response, saying, “You know, probably my nose wouldn’t have been that great, even if it wasn’t broken.”

Owen’s nose gives him that mischievous look that allows him to play everyday character roles.

You are no doubt familiar with Owen, but if not, check it out The Wedding Crashers or Midnight in Paris.

Owen Wilson’s best quotes

“That’s the thing about friendship. It’s a lot rarer than love because there’s nothing in it for any body.”

– Owen Wilson

“I’ve never taken myself as an actor that seriously.”

– Owen Wilson

“It’s not enough just to be real; you have to try to make it interesting or entertaining.”

– Owen Wilson

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