What Happened to Christopher Masterson? Details on his Post ‘Malcolm in the Middle’ Life

What Happened to Christopher Masterson? Details on his Post 'Malcolm in the Middle' Life

There is nothing more relaxing than spending the night watching your favorite TV show after a long day of work.

If you are a fan of sitcoms, then you have definitely seen the famous TV show “Malcolm in the Middle” from the 2000s.

This popular show followed the “goofy” family of five (later six) throughout their daily lives. It portrayed the ups and downs of a modern middle-class family in a unique way.

In the series, Christopher Masterson played the eldest brother, Francis. His character was prone to mischief and stupid ideas, but was still a “role model” to his younger brothers.

With nearly 16 years since “Malcolm in the Middle” went off air, we decided to take a look at what Christopher is doing these days.


Christopher Masterson, Danny Masterson’s younger brother.

His work on Malcolm in the Middle

As we mentioned, “Malcolm in the Middle” was a famous 2000s sitcom that followed the unusual day-to-day adventures of the dysfunctional Wilkerson family.

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The show first premiered in January 2000 and revolved around a boy named Malcolm, a student prodigy with a rather atypical family.

Christopher played the part of Francis Wilkerson, Malcolm’s eldest brother. At the beginning of the show, Francis was part of the US military and later we find out that he was sent there by his parents as punishment for all his misdeeds.

The show was a huge success, winning numerous awards such as the Emmy Award, Peabody Award, and one Grammy.

Christopher was nominated for two Young Artist Awards for his work on the series, one in 2001 and the second in 2002.

Even today, this actor is mostly remembered for his iconic role of Francis.

In addition to starring in “Malcolm in the Middle”, Masterson worked on some other successful projects such as “Scary Movie 2”, “Waterborne”, “Made for Each Other” and “Intellectual Property”.

What is Christopher Masterson doing these days?

While his primary occupation has always been acting, Christopher’s secondary dream was to become a full-time DJ.

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In 2014, he decided to minimize his involvement in TV and focus more on becoming a professional disc jockey. In this profession his name is Chris Kennedy.

While he first started playing music at his friend’s house parties, it wasn’t long before he got the chance to do it in front of a live audience.

His first major performance was at a famous Chicago nightclub, the “Studio Paris”. After that, he slowly started to make a name for himself in the industry and became an interesting personality in the nightlife.

When it comes to relationships, the actor married his longtime girlfriend, the actress Yolanda Pecoraro, in 2019.

Just two years after getting married, the couple welcomed a baby into the world on April 3.rd2021. It was a girl named Chiara Darby Masterson.

Like his brother Danny Masterson, Christopher is also a follower of Scientology. The two have made some successful investments in recent years and are currently running a pretty lucrative restaurant business.

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Although Christopher never actually retired, his last role in 2019 was in the movie “Beneath the Leaves”.

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