Warning! Check the price of the new iPhone 13 before making a decision, as Apple just lowered the trade-in value

View the price of the iPhone 13? Know exactly how much the new iPhone 13 price is before you buy.

Have you recently checked the price of the iPhone 13 with the intention of buying? Well, get up! If you’re planning to buy an iPhone 13 by trading in your old smartphone, think again. This is because Apple has lowered the estimated retail value in dollars for several Android smartphones, which means that you will receive significantly less money even for your flagship Android phone. And it’s not about the budget phones, it’s about the premium ones like the Samsung Galaxy S21 and the Google Pixel 5. Well, there is no bias towards Apple users! Also, the trade-in value for certain iPad and Mac models has decreased.

Apple has stated on its website the maximum amount a consumer can receive when trading in a device for an Apple product, such as an iPhone, iPad, Mac or Apple Watch. The listed trade-in values ​​are only indicative of the highest possible value you will get for your old Android or Apple device. The final trade-in value can only be determined at the time of purchase by a number of predetermined factors, such as the condition of the device or the year of purchase.

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So it makes no sense to trade in an old smartphone for a brand new iPhone 13?

It depends on you. Whether you’re happy with the amount you receive when you trade it in for the cost of the new Apple smartphone, iPhone 13, or any other iPhone model. But one thing is for sure, you will not be able to get the amount you would have gotten before.

How far have rates fallen?

en masse! With the new iPhone trade-in prices, the Samsung Galaxy S21 5G now has a trade-in value of $260, up from $325. Even the Galaxy S21+ 5G has seen a drastic drop in its trade-in value, which has changed to $325, as opposed to its previous value of $435. While the trade-in price for the base iPad has changed from $205 to $200 and iPad Air has fallen from $345 to $335.

But if you own a Pixel 3a, the Galaxy S8 or the S8+ will get the same trade-in amount as before, which remained unchanged at $50, $50, and $60 respectively. Note, however, that Apple showed the maximum trade-in value, while it exchanging the value depends on the condition of your device. To find out how much your Android, iPhone, iPad, Mac or other devices have the trade-in value when buying a new iPhone or Apple product, see the list here.

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