The awesome first official snapshot is finally here; view the details now

Minecraft The Wild Update: Finally the first look of the big summer update The Wild has been released by Mojang.

The first look of Minecraft The Wild Update is here! After a long wait, Minecraft’s publisher Mojang has finally revealed what the upcoming big summer update will look like, and we have to say it looks pretty impressive. The Minecraft update teaser was part of the 22w11a snapshot shared on Twitter yesterday by Minecraft’s tech who uses the username @slicedlime. Players can now explore the first version of these new changes and features in this version. The snapshot brings with it new mobs, the Deep Dark biome, new blocks and quality of life upgrades. Find out everything there is to know about this massive Minecraft update.

Minecraft snapshot 22w11a: The Wild

The biggest addition in this new update is the Deep Dark biome. In its official changelog, Minecraft said, “Dig into the depths far underground to discover the darkest biome in Minecraft – the Deep Dark”. The floor of the Deep Dark is covered with Sculk, Minecraft’s new decorative blocks. Another interesting fact is that there will be no mafia spawns in Deep Dark. We’ve already seen the Deep Dark biome in the experimental snapshot Mojang shared in February, but the regular snapshot series is now getting it too. Snapshots are the test versions of Minecraft, which are released periodically by Mojang Studios. These versions of the game have unrefined features and are used to balance the versions and remove bugs.

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Aside from Deep Dark biome, which we’ve seen before, the new Minecraft update also gets a new mob called frogs. Frogs, like their real-life counterparts, can jump, swim, walk on land, and croak. They eat small slime and small magma cubes to spend slime ball and Froglight block respectively. Froglight is a luminescent decorative block that will also be added in the Minecraft The Wild update. There are three frog variants and each gives a specific frog light. Tadpoles have also been added to Minecraft. Tadpoles are born when frogs mate and depending on the area of ​​birth (cold, temperate, warm) they become one of three varieties of frog.

The update also brings mangrove logs, mangrove leaves, and propagules. Players can use them to propagate mangrove trees and collect wood to create a variety of objects. The Minecraft snapshot also adds mud and mud bricks to the game. Mud will sink the player a bit, but unlike soul sand, it won’t slow them down. Finally, different types of sculk blocks have also been added. They include sculk catalyst block, sculk vein block, sculk shrieker block and the common sculk block.

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Minecraft The Wild update also adds the quality of life of 3D directional audio for a more engaging experience.

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