Your WhatsApp account may be banned! Just don’t make these mistakes

If you break these 5 strict rules, your WhatsApp account may be banned. Know what to avoid doing.

WhatsApp is one of the best messaging apps for more than 2 billion users worldwide. Its simple, end-to-end encrypted chats and many features make it one of the most widely used messaging tools. And these WhatsApp features keep improving even as new ones are added. But watch out! All these benefits can be taken away from you in an instant. Because your WhatsApp account can be banned if you break some crucial rules mentioned in WhatsApp’s security and privacy policy. Though attempted scams are something that will get you banned of course, but there are some other rules that you may not even realize you are breaking. That’s why WhatsApp has warned its 2 billion users about these rules and suggested not to abuse the platform. So check these WhatsApp privacy and security rules that can put your WhatsApp account on the banned list!

Automated or bulk messaging

Your WhatsApp account may be banned if you send bulk messages. WhatsApp clearly warns against that by saying, “No bulk messages, automatic messages or automatic calls with WhatsApp”. Bulk messages are usually a red flag suggesting that a fraudster is attempting a scam. WhatsApp also uses machine learning technology and reports from WhatsApp users to teach and ban those accounts that send bulk or automated messages.

If your account has been reported multiple times

Your WhatsApp account can get banned if people just report you multiple times. This is something that can get a lot of people into trouble without being aware of it. So be careful how you interact with someone on WhatsApp. If you contact people even after they ask you to stop sending messages, your account may be blocked.

For sharing contact lists without permission!

Although, that’s a basic rule, don’t share anyone’s information without their permission. That also applies to WhatsApp. Meta-owned platforms recommend that you do not share songs without permission or use data obtained from illegal sources to message users.

Frequent use of broadcast messages

Using a broadcast list? Note that messages sent through a broadcast list will only be received if users have added your phone number to their contact list. And the frequent use of broadcast messages can lead to people reporting your messages, which can further lead to your WhatsApp account ban.

Extract Personal Information

Avoid extracting information from WhatsApp on a large scale, using an automated or manual tool. Obtaining information from contacts such as phone numbers, contact profile pictures, and WhatsApp shared statuses is against the Company’s Terms of Service. This can also eventually block your account.

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