Xbox Series S MASSIVE Price Cut in India! Check out this game console deal

Xbox Series S Huge Price Cut to Rs. 30,000! Now know how to get this deal on Flipkart.

Xbox Series S gets mega price cut in India! Microsoft’s most affordable games console just got even more affordable – thanks to another price cut on Flipkart. This deal makes owning the Xbox Series S a better deal than ever. Know that the Xbox Series S is part of the latest generation of consoles from Microsoft that also includes the Series X. Unfortunately, the Series X is not available in India, nor can it take advantage of price cuts.

The Xbox Series S launched in India in 2020 in response to the Sony PS5. However, the Series S was much cheaper back then compared to the Sony PlayStation 5 Digital version, with a retail price of Rs. 34,990. The price of the console has remained largely unchanged until now when you can get a big discount of almost Rs. 5,000.

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Xbox Series S is at the cheapest price ever!

The Xbox Series S has an MRP of Rs. 34,990 but on Flipkart you can now get one for yourself for a price of Rs. 30,499. That’s a hefty savings on this game console, enough to get an annual subscription to the Xbox Game Pass. In addition, those who transact through an ICICI Bank credit card can get an additional discount of Rs. 500.

For that price, you won’t get anything remotely as capable as the Series S console. For the price of a standard Chromebook laptop, the Xbox Series S allows you to stream 2K content, play games up to 120 Hz and most importantly try out the latest games. More importantly, the Xbox Series S gives you access to the Xbox Game Pass subscription, which lets you play the latest games by paying a nominal monthly subscription. You get the Game Pass on PCs too, but the Series S is a much cheaper way to do it.

The Xbox Series S also offers certain perks, such as Quick Resume, which allows you to pick up your favorite game from where you left off, even without saving progress.

However, keep in mind that the Xbox Series S isn’t as powerful as the Sony PlayStation 5 – it won’t be able to play the games in the best quality. In addition, the Series S has a meager 512GB storage, of which only 364GB is available. Therefore, you cannot load all your games on the storage.

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