Wow! This New Bid for NASA Space Technology Looks to Turn Science Fiction into Reality

NASA has selected 17 futuristic space technology concepts for funding that have the potential to make science fiction a reality. Check Out These Surreal Technologies NASA Will Study

That NASA is working on groundbreaking technology isn’t much of a revelation. After all, that’s what NASA is all about. The US space agency is known for both building and advancing new technologies that not only continuously improve space missions, but also improve life on Earth. But amazingly, this time NASA is trying to turn science fiction into reality! Today, February 26, NASA announced that it has funded 17 futuristic space technology concepts with great potential to reach new milestones. These futuristic technologies from NASA have been awarded a total of $5.1 million for further research and building proof of concept. The NASA funding was part of the NASA Innovative Advanced Concepts (NIAC) program that supports early studies evaluating technologies that could support future aviation and space missions.

In announcing the NASA funding on its website, the space agency explained that the selected concepts are divided into two parts. Phase I has 12 new projects that will begin working under NASA, and Phase II has 5 studies “allowing researchers to continue their previous work on innovative concepts.” Building on the overarching vision behind these studies, Pam Melroy, deputy administrator, NASA said, “Concepts like those being studied with this new round of NIAC funding help us expand the scope of the possible so we can make it a reality.”

NASA futuristic technology to make science fiction a reality

So, which projects are being studied by NASA? The Phase I NASA futuristic technology projects include an innovative design for a manned spacecraft that offers greater protection against radiation during long journeys compared to the existing models. There are also concepts for “a completely silent electric aircraft and an idea for a spacecraft that could use the sun’s heat to propel it out of the solar system at unprecedented speeds.” These are nothing short of science fiction concepts that we’ve all seen in SciFi movies. but now NASA funding is focused on making it a reality.

But that is not everything. Other concepts in Phase I are even more amazing. Nobel laureate and astrophysicist John Mather has proposed a concept that would allow us to search for Earth-like exoplanets in distant galaxies. Another concept from Sara Seager of MIT is based on a probe that would drop into the atmospheres of nearby planets to capture a sample of gas and clouds and fly back home to let scientists know more about them.

While NASA’s futuristic technology projects in Phase II are more reality-based, they are still unlike any technology we have. NASA explains that they include a design for small climbing robots that can explore underground caves on Mars, a new way to use nuclear energy for spacecraft, and a concept for a swarm of 3D-printed swimming microrobots that can explore ocean worlds like Enceladus. , Europa and Titan”.

“As in years past, our new group of NIAC fellows demonstrates the creativity and vision of the space community at large,” said Michael LaPointe, acting program director of the NIAC program.

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