Wordle 323 answer for May 8: Weekend puzzle is here, check out the Wordle hints today

Wordle 323 answer for May 8: The weekend brings double consonant chaos for Wordle. You need these Wordle hints, directions and solutions today.

Wordle 323 answer for May 8: For many, Wordle has become an essential activity that actively relieves stress and provides a sense of accomplishment. According to various psychologists, the nature of the game is such that in Wordle, unlike many other games, there is no need to constantly ‘raise’. It doesn’t ask much and only has one puzzle to solve. As a result, once dissolved, the human body releases a hormone called dopamine, which gives you a sense of relaxation and elation derived from feelings of achievement and happiness. The hormone also improves mental health. So when you solve a puzzle in the game, you are essentially taking care of your own health as well. So use our Wordle hints and directions and easily reach the solution to experience the dopamine hit. If you missed it, head right down to the solution.

Wordle 323 hints for May 8

Today’s word is back with the usual Wordle tricks. While most of us want an easy puzzle on a Sunday, the game does its best to keep players on their toes. Wordle will test you today with its double consonant. The word itself is a bit unknown which doesn’t help, plus it uses two less common letters. In short, the current Wordle completes the trifecta with all kinds of deceit. But do not worry. The Wordle directions below are your guide.

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Wordle 323 clues for May 8

1. Today’s word begins with C.

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2. The word ends with Y.

3. It has only one vowel.

4. The vowel is A.

5. Biggest Clue: The double consonant is N.

Frankly, we couldn’t give you more directions, even if we wanted to. Go ahead and give the game a try. We are sure you will get it easy. However, if there is still some doubt in your mind, scroll down for the answer.

Wordle 323 answer before May 8

SPOILER ALERT! If you’re not looking for the answer to today’s Wordle, don’t read on.

This is your last chance to return or you’ll ruin the answer for today’s puzzle.

Today’s word is CANNY. It means “show cunning and common sense”. We hope you were able to get your dose of dopamine!

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