Wordle 318 Answer for May 3, 2022: Simple, but not easy! Check out Wordle hints, solution today

Wordle 318 Answer for May 3, 2022: The current Wordle solution is simple! Yet nothing in life is easy. Check out Wordle’s hints, clues and solutions to solve it quickly.

Wordle 318 Answer by May 3, 2022: Looks like Wordle is nice to everyone today! After yesterday’s solution which was STORY, Wordle has come up with another simple word today. But don’t fall into the trap, because even the simplest solution can often leave you with a scorching time! So if you’re out at sea today, our simple Wordle hints can guide you to the right answer. Here, as always, we have listed the simple tips. And in case you miss it, go to the end to get the answer too. So let’s start today with Wordle 318 hints.

Wordle 318 hints for May 3, 2022

This is the SPOILER FREE zone! You will have the chance to learn the clues and hints of Wordle 318. You don’t have to worry, because the answers are kept in a separate section at the end. Let’s start with Wordle 318 hints today.

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Wordle 318 hints today

1. Today’s Wordle has two vowels.

3. The vowels are placed together.

3. Word ends with the letter Y.

4. There is no repetition of letters.

5. Extra Tip: The word has something to do with risk or even something that men tend to lose as they get older.

Do you have it? If not, you have to be that close to get the full green zone. The clues will make your job easy to get that secret word from Wordle. But if you’re still trying, find Wordle 318’s answer.

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Wordle 318 Answer by May 3, 2022

SPOILER ALERT! Here we are about to reveal the answer for Wordle 318. If you’re still trying Wordle, read no further. However, if you’re looking for the answer, here it is.

Wordle 318’s answer is HER! Good luck with your best guesses for tomorrow’s Wordle. We come back here with Wordld 319 hints, clues and also Answer.

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