Wordle 316 answer before May 1: It’s a head scratcher! Check out Wordle hints and solution

Wordle 316 answer for May 1: The start of the new month should be a happy note. So, don’t lose your streak today. Guess the word easily with these Wordle hints, clues and solutions.

Wordle 316 answer before May 1: The new month has arrived. And that’s why you have to start the day with a win in Wordle. Wordle is an exciting game because every day a new surprise is coming your way. Some days it’s an easy puzzle, but most days it’s not. And today is another day with a head-scratcher of a word. Again, the word is not difficult. In that sense, no Wordle words are difficult as the game has chosen the most common 2,315 words as its word bank. But figuring it out today is tricky because Wordle used one of its classic double-letter falls. But you don’t have to stress. We are here with 5 Wordle hints and clues that will easily lead you to victory. And if you miss something, scroll down and check the answer.

Wordle 316 hints for May 1

As always, this is a spoiler free zone. We provide useful strategies for Wordle in this space that can improve your overall game performance. Since we already revealed that Wordle used the double letter trick, there is a way to predict double letters. And that is through letter elimination. Once you’ve removed the most common letters, try to see if a duplicate letter fits in. However, always save them for the last try.

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Wordle 316 directions for May 1

1. Today’s word has two vowels.

2. The word starts with F.

3. The word ends with O.

4. The duplicate letter is also O.

5. Biggest Clue: Chorus is a popular synonym of this word.

The last clue was the answer presented to you in a gift box. Now all you have to do is go to the game and claim your streak. But if you can’t manage to still get it, we understand. Continue on and scroll down to get the answer for today’s Wordle.

Wordle 316 answer before May 1

SPOILER ALERT! If you’re not looking for Wordle 316’s answer, don’t read any further. However, if you’re ready to check it out, take a look below.

Last chance. The answer to Wordle 316 is right after this line.

The word of the day is FORGOTTEN. It means “without (something desirable)”. That’s all for today, we hope you have a good rest of the month and your winning streak gets bigger.

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