WhatsApp down: App faces major problems; Users ask Elon Musk to buy it

When WhatsApp went out for about an hour, people started asking Tesla CEO Elon Musk to buy it.

WhatsApp, one of the most popular and widely used messaging applications, had major problems early Friday, April 29 and was offline for about an hour. People using the messaging application were unable to send messages or chat, including making a video call. WhatsApp took its official Twitter handle, tweeting: “You may be experiencing some issues using WhatsApp at the moment. We are aware and working to get things running smoothly again. We will keep you posted and in the meantime, thank you for your patience .”

According to a report from express.co.uk, people started observing the issues while using WhatsApp around 9:30 PM BST. Many users complained that their accounts were offline. However, after acknowledging the issue for nearly an hour, WhatsApp resolved the issue. “And we’re back. Have fun chatting!” the messaging app tweeted. It is known that it is not yet clear what caused the malfunction.

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According to Down Detector’s information, which monitors Internet issues, most reported issues related to sending WhatsApp messages (64 percent), followed by the app (19 percent) and receiving messages (17 percent).

Several WhatsApp users took to Twitter to inquire about the issue, with some even asking Tesla CEO Elon Musk to buy WhatsApp. Commenting on WhatsApp’s message acknowledging the issue, one user said, “Elon Musk will arrive at WhatsApp headquarters tomorrow to purchase it.” While another said: “@elonmusk buy Whatsapp please.” Some of the other comments read “Bad service!! How are we compensated for the wasted time???”; “Why is WhatsApp always down?”

For the uninitiated, WhatsApp has over 2 billion users worldwide and is used to connect with family and friends. Using the application, people can send messages, media files (images, videos, audios, among others), update status and much more. The application can be used by both Android and iPhone users.

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