WhatsApp crackdown launched against group forwarded messages!

WhatsApp crackdown has been launched against forwarded messages. WhatsApp has reduced the number of forwarded messages that can be shared further. You cannot share more than one group chat!

WhatsApp crackdown has been launched against group forwarded messages. This is to stop the spread of misinformation and fake news! In the latest update, WhatsApp will impose new restrictions and limits on forwarding already forwarded messages. According to the WhatsApp update tracker WABetaInfo, the instant messaging app has introduced a new message forwarding limit in the WhatsApp beta for Android update, which prevents users from sending the forwarded messages to more than one group chat. And now the same limitation of WhatsApp forwarded messages is being rolled out to the latest versions of WhatsApp for Android and iOS.

WABetaInfo also shared a screenshot showing that WhatsApp would not allow the forwarded message to be forwarded for more than one group chat at a time. WhatsApp users should note that the new limit only applies to the messages already forwarded. Rest, for a new message you can still forward it up to five chats at once. When a message is forwarded through a series of five or more chats, that message is labeled “Forwarded Many Times” above it with a double arrow, indicating that the message has been removed from the sender at least five times.

“These messages can only be forwarded to one chat at a time, as a way to keep conversations on WhatsApp intimate and personal. This also helps slow the spread of rumours, viral messages and fake news,” Meta’s messaging service said. app said in a blog post. While the messages with a single arrow with a ‘Forwarded’ tag further can share up to 5 chats at a time. But now, with the latest update, each forwarded message has a new limit for forwarding messages to one group chat.

This new message forwarding restriction has already been rolled out to a few Android beta testers and now WhatsApp is enabling the same for more users with the latest WhatsApp beta for Android update. Soon more WhatsApp users will be able to get the same changes.

What else is new in WhatsApp?

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