Twitter GETS TOGETHER, Zomato Delivery Partner Funds a New Motorcycle! Don’t miss this touching story

A Zomato delivery partner, who lost his job as a teacher due to the pandemic and was forced to deliver food in scorching heat on a bicycle, witnesses the power of social media as Twitter raises money so he can buy a bicycle.

In a heartwarming story, Twitter users came together to help a Zomato delivery partner buy a new bike. This has once again made it clear how people can come together to uplift the less privileged. The whole incident started when Twitter user Aditya Sharma posted on the microblogging site on Sunday about Durga Meena, a Zomato delivery partner who lost his job as a teacher due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Sharma saw him deliver the food on a bicycle as the mercury rose to 42 degrees Celsius. Noticing Meena’s plight, he decided to find a way to help him.

He posted a series of tweets. The first started with: “Today my order was delivered to me on time and to my surprise the delivery person was on a bicycle this time. Today the temperature in my city is around 42°C in this scorching heat of Rajasthan he delivered my order on time”. When Sharma asked Zomato’s delivery partner for his details, she discovered that Meena, aged 31, had been a teacher for the past 12 years. However, when the Covid-19 pandemic hit, he lost his job and had to deliver food to support himself and his family.

Twitter raises money for Zomato Delivery Partner

Sharma further tweeted: “he has done his bachelor’s degree in BCOM and wants to pursue MCOM but because of his financial condition he started working with zomato. He knows everything about internet. Durga told me he wants to have his own laptop with good wifi so that he can teach students online because everything turns to online. He has taken out loans and repaid loans from various banks. and is trying to save money to buy a bicycle.” The Twitter thread also revealed that he earns about Rs. 10,000 per month after delivery of orders.

After Sharma expressed his wish to help him, Zomato’s delivery partner requested that he finance the deposit for a bicycle. Meena stated that he will not only pay the installments himself, but will also repay the deposit with interest within 4 months. Sharma decided to start a fundraiser to raise money for Meena’s bike and posted the entire conversation on Twitter.

Within hours of posting on Twitter, users started sending money and his goal of reaching Rs. 75,000 was achieved in no time. Yesterday Sharma helped the Zomato delivery partner buy his new bike.

Sharma posted a photo of Meena with his brand new bike and wrote: “Thank you all. Bike delivered in less than 24 hours. People are still sending money asking not to ship. Fundraising closed. He is very happy now”. This incident showed again that if people can come together, they can achieve great things.

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