Today’s Wordle Answer? Try Squabble Battle Royale now, it’s different!

Wordle Alternatives: If you found today’s Wordle answer and want more, try something exciting and daring? Squabble – the battle royale Wordle alternative.

Wordle magic has cast its spell all over the world! Within just a few months, this simple word game has been adopted by the masses worldwide. With the Wordle game going viral, some newcomers to the space have brought different and exciting ideas. While Wordle’s core idea remains, several new methods have been applied in these games. From Nerdle for math champions to Worldle for those who just love geography – Wordle clones are everywhere. In the pool of such Wordle clones, we have found something unique – a battle royale game! Yes, the Battle Royale and Wordle mashup. And it’s called Squabble. So, if you’ve already found today’s Wordle answer and want more, try the Squabble game, it’s different.

While Wordle is something you can play in the morning or after office hours to find the word of the day, Squabble will literally throw you into a battle with several other players. So, like the other battle royale games like Garena Free Fire, Fortnite, Battlegrounds Mobile, and PUBG where a large group of players fight with others until only one is left, Squabble mimics the same strategy. But here the battle will not involve weapons or weapons, it will be a battle of words! Exciting, no! If you think the concept is right, read on.

How do you play Squabble?

So it’s like the Wordle multiplayer race. You will be pitted against several other players to quickly guess the correct 5 letter word, just like in Wordle in the given six tries. But everything goes so fast. You have to think fast, guess the right word before someone else does. Not only that, Squabble has points, unlike Wordle. So for every wrong guess, or if you try to come up with different word possibilities, your points will be deducted. And this goes on and on and on until there is only one player left.

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You will find two different modes in Squabble – Blitz and Battle Royale. Squabble Blitz has a smaller gameplay between up to five players. It will create a kind of room where you compete against each other for the right word. You can also share the code of the game to share it with your friends before hitting the home button. Squabble Battle Royale, on the other hand, is the real deal, as here you can play against up to 99 players.

So, if you’re feeling a little (actually a lot!) after playing Wordle, start a battle in Squabble, with words!

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