This e-bike will shock and amaze you! Just look at the Cake Osa electric motor

What’s the weirdest e-bike you’ve ever encountered? Whatever it is, we’re sure Cake Osa’s electric motor will still shock you. But behind a seemingly obnoxious design, it claims to be practical.

Earlier this year, Swedish bike manufacturer Cake unveiled a new off-grid electric motor called Osa. And on the face of it, you’d be forgiven for being shocked by how it looks. Unlike most e-bikes, Cake Osa does not have a sleek design and ergonomic form factor. For many, it even resembles an e-bike skeleton. With no leg guards, headlight visor and lots of weird moving parts, it intimidates you. But according to the manufacturers, who designed it specifically for adaptability and off-road experience, it offers the most essential in an e-bike: pragmatism. Read on to learn more about this crazy e-bike. Also read: How do you make a city safe for e-bikes?

Clean, durable, flexible and built to provide fast and convenient transportation both off-road and in cities, the new Ösa AP clearly demonstrates our mission to inspire and contribute to accelerating the journey towards a zero-emission society, excitement and responsibility are combined. † said Stefan Ytterborn, founder and CEO of Cake.

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Cake Osa Electric Motor: Details

The Cake Osa e-bike is available in different models including Osa Lite, Osa Flex, Osa Plus. The bikes are fully street legal, which means you can use them for everyday life as well. With 14-inch wheels with dual-sport motorcycle tires that allow it to tackle both city and dirt roads with equal zest and enthusiasm. The wheels are also accompanied by equally robust suspensions. The electric motor is equipped with a 50.4Ah lithium battery that can be removed from the frame and charged separately from the bicycle. What’s really interesting is that the bike also comes with two power outlets, a 12W and a 5W, which allow you to charge light tools, including your smartphone. While it won’t charge it quickly, it will get you out of a camping trip without losing connectivity. The battery can travel about 100 kilometers in one go and fully charges in 3 hours.

The Cake Osa electric motor has three driving modes. The first mode allows you to maximize range with a top speed of 30 km/h, while the second mode balances the speed with the range of 45 km/h. The 3rd mode allows you to maximize acceleration and bring the top speed to 60 km/h, making it compatible with most roads. The display also lets you track battery, speed, brakes, and anything else a regular e-bike would. It also comes with security features to protect your vehicle. Also read: Electric two-wheeler goes up in flames in Hyderabad.

The best thing about the Cake Osa e-bike is its adaptability. The bike offers multiple moving parts that allow a user to change it into different looks for different purposes. You buy the bike with the kit you think will be most useful to you from a curated catalog or design your own. The choices allow you to use the electric motorcycle as a transport vehicle with a large rear basket attachment, side and front carriage space. Or you can simply add a second seat in the back and use it for recreational purposes.

The manufacturer Cake has created a little monster in Osa, which may not be the most attractive e-bike on the street, but is definitely capable of doing the heavy lifting like no other. The price of an e-bike starts at $9000, which roughly translates to about Rs. 6.5 lakh, so it’s not exactly a cheap option.

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