This affordable Honda electric scooter will arrive in India soon! View the Honda U-Go

An affordable electric scooter from Honda may soon make its debut in India. Check out the design, performance, variants and expected price of the Honda U-Go..

Honda U-Go made its debut in China last year and shortly after, the Japanese manufacturer filed a patent for this electric scooter in India. The patent was already registered in August 2021, but the latest development suggests that India may soon get the affordable Honda electric scooter! It’s called Honda U-Go. Earlier, Honda had announced its future roadmap, which suggested the company’s plans to launch a new entry-level motorcycle in India soon.

If it happens, the Honda U-Go will be Honda’s first electric vehicle to be launched in India. Honda U-Go could be part of plans to introduce affordable electric vehicles in the country to build a greener technology ecosystem. But what will this affordable electric scooter cost if it actually makes its appearance in India? And what can you expect from Hondo U-Go? Discover everything here. Also Read: Top 5 Electric Scooters In India

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Honda U-Go expected price

This Honda electric scooter is expected to launch under Rs. 1 lakh in India. Well, additional subsidies can further help lower overall pricing. Check the design, variants and performance factors.

Honda U-Go: design, variants, performance and more

The Honda U-Go comes with a minimalist design philosophy. It gets a clean design along with lots of straight lines. The turn signals are a little high on the handlebars while the headlight and DRL are placed on the platform. It has an angular design and will be quite light to be more energy efficient. Honda U-Go also brings a sleek taillight.

Based on the international model, this affordable electric scooter is available in two variants: one powered by a 1.6 hp motor that runs on a removable 1.44 kWh battery with a claimed range of 65 km and the other with a 1 hp motor with the same battery characteristics.

Looking at the performance factor, the speed of the scooter can be limited to about 50 km/h. Well, the second battery configuration can offer a range of 130 km. These batteries are removable from the scooter.

However, it is not yet known whether U-Go will be Honda’s first electric two-wheeler in India or not and when it will be launched.

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