This Aadhaar card is NOT VALID; Don’t do this, warns UIDAI

UIDAI has warned against buying PVC Aadhaar card from the open market; it has asked the public to get it only from the government portal

UIDAI today posted a warning tweet on Twitter warning against purchasing PVC Aadhaar cards from the open market as they may not have the security features. Such Aadhaar card is not valid. In recent times, many sellers across India have offered Aadhaar card printing as a convenient way to get a physical card. However, UIDAI informed people about its drawback and said that they are not valid if they do not meet all the security requirements of the Aadhaar card.

In a separate tweet, UIDAI said that people should use the official portal to order their PVC Aadhaar card. The process will charge Rs. 50 and holders will receive their card by speedmail. UIDAI further assured that once an application is made, the PVC Aadhaar card will be sent within 5 working days and AWB or Air Waybill (Receipt) will be shared with the holder’s mobile phone via SMS.

What are the security features of PVC Aadhaar card?

While the main identification of a person is normally done through their name, photo and Aadhaar number, there have been many instances where scammers falsify their identity by using someone else’s Aadhaar card. This is where the security features of PVC Aadhaar cards become important. The official PVC Aadhaar card has many recognizable features that act as the official identification of the card and distinguish the counterfeits.

Each PVC Aadhaar card must have a secure QR code, hologram, microtext, Ghost image, issue and print date, Guilloche pattern and an embossed Aadhaar logo. If your Aadhaar card does not even have one of these features, it will not be valid.

And this is the problem that arises when people get their PVC Aadhaar card from non-government sources. A regular seller might have the right PVC material and know the right size of card to cut, but they can’t add all these security features that keep both your Aadhaar card and your identity safe.

How to get the official PVC Aadhaar card?

If you want to get a PVC Aadhaar card without the risk of not having the security feature, then you need to follow the following steps.

Step 1: First, go to the official portal using the url:

Step 2: Once on the page, you need to enter your Aadhaar number and any captcha.

Step 3: If your phone number is not registered, you must also enter it.

Step 4: Then press the ‘Send OTP’ button.

Step 5: Once you have received the OTP on your phone, enter it in the next screen.

Step 6: Once verified, you will be required to make a payment of Rs. 50 online.

Step 7: After that, you will get a message on the screen informing you that your Aadhaar card will be sent to you shortly.

Step 8: According to UIDAI, your PVC Aadhaar card should be shipped within 5 business days and you should receive an AWB to help you track it.

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