Reliance Jio Announces Three New JioFi Charging Plans, FREE JioFi Device Offer

Reliance Jio has launched three new monthly postpaid recharge plans, plus a free JioFi dongle. Know details.

Reliance Jio, the telecom service provider, has announced three JioFi charging plans. The company is offering these new postpaid monthly plans along with the purchase of its JioFi 4G wireless hotspot. For those who are not familiar with JioFi, it is a device that can be used as a portable Wi-Fi medium. The JioFi dongle helps create a personal hotspot and provides 4G network connectivity anytime, anywhere, according to your convenience. Notably, this JioFi device is free, but returnable. The new Reliance Jio charging plans are priced at Rs. 249, €. 299, and Rs. 349. Here are all the details on the new Reliance JioFi charging plans. Also read: Reliance Jio FREE Data and Calling Benefits! Are you eligible for this unlimited deal? Find out

Reliance JioFi New Charging Plans

€249 JioFi charging subscription

The Rs. 249 charging plan offers 30 GB of data for a month. However, keep in mind that it does not offer voice benefits or SMS. Also, the 4G wireless JioFi dongle is on a use-and-return basis and will be available with a lock-in period of nearly 18 months.

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€299 JioFi charging subscription

You enjoy the benefits of 40 GB of data per month with the 299 charging plan. As with the Rs. 249 plan, this too offers no voice benefits or SMS. The lock-in period of the JioFi dongle is almost the same, namely 18 months.

€349 JioFi charging subscription

The Rs. The 349 charging plan comes with 50GB of data benefits per month, along with a nearly 18-month lock-in period for the JioFi dongle. Here too, SMS and voice benefits are missing.

Customers should note that these JioFi Postpaid offers are only for users with registered businesses. So the first minimum recharge plan should be at least Rs. 200 to use the postpaid plans. According to the JioFi website, once the user consumes the full 100 percent monthly data benefits, the data services will continue, but at a speed of up to 64 Kbps. The JioFi 4G wireless hotspot supports a nano SIM card that promises to surf for five to six hours at a speed of up to 150 Mbps. You can also connect up to ten devices at once.

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