PUBG New State (Mobile) Release Date Leaked: Trailer, Platforms, And More

PUBG New State (Mobile) Release Date Leaked: Trailer, Platforms, And More

The next evolution of PUBG Mobile just got a whole lot more exciting. The long-awaited release date for PUBG New State is finally here, so read on to find out all the information you need before purchasing!

The most anticipated game of 2021 is finally here! PUBG New State will be an upgrade to the usual experience, with futuristic weapons and vehicles. To surprise fans even more though? Krafton has remained pretty quiet about this one. All information available on their website came from a leak online (and who could blame them?). In any case we’re going show you what we know so far in order for your anticipation level doesn’t spike too high when its release date approaches.

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PUBG New State leaked release date

Finally, After BGMI APK successfully popular among the Indian youth, a new Battle Royale PUBG New State is going to be released on 11 November 2021. This information was accidentally leaked from a Korean source and has been spreading around ever since!

Originally, the PUBG New State game was expected to release on October 8th, but that turned out false. The current date appearing in Apple App Store reads “October 31.” However, this is likely just a placeholder as Game In a Bottle have confirmed with an employee there who told them they would know soon enough when/if October has been finalized and released.

UBG New State trailer and platform

The release of PUBG New State is right around the corner, and to celebrate they’ve released this leaked trailer featuring one of their most iconic players-unknown wearing a welding mask.

List Of All Confirmed Features So Far In PUBG New State

PUBG fans can pre-register for the game on Google Play Store. Here’s everything revealed so far about PUBG New State and how you can get in early!

The wait is almost over for PUBG New State! A few important details are revealed in relation to when players can sign up for it: “The closed beta will launch on November 11th”. What do you guys think? Any guesses yet which maps might appear within its flora or fauna features?

Details about the new map

Similar to the original PUBG, New State is going to have only one map on release. The new map- Troi -is very similar in nature and design with Erangel; it has 100 players landing vertically onto an 8×8 km battlefield where they fight each other until only one left standing!

Futuristic weapons and vehicles

New State is set in the world of PUBG near future 2051, where there would be more futuristic items introduced to play with and a whole new array of vehicles. You could get your hands on drones for recon missions or turrets that protect you while doing so; it’s not just about getting shot at any longer! Explosives might take out entire buildings by themselves if used correctly which will aid gamers making their way through sites without much fighting involved.

The arsenal of weapons in both games will be similar with a fresh coat of paint. However, New State is going to get an entirely different roster that has more futuristic versions than what we currently see; there’s still SMGs and ARs among others shotguns and snipers – but they’re all going under the category ” Future Weapons.”

The new weapon customization feature would allow players to change the behavior of their gun. It could even add grenade throwers!

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Ultra realistic graphics

The developers of this game say that it will exceed the boundaries of mobile graphics and would look as good or even better than Call Of Duty Mobile. The requirements for running the app are somewhat higher – you might need Android 6+ in order to use them effectively with your device’s capabilities.

It seems like they want their product stand out from other VR games because those who don’t meet those high standards may not be able enjoy playing at all, which isn’t really fair considering how much time people spend waiting around on load screens these days!

How to Pre-register for PUBG New State

Players just need to get on the Google Play Store and select “Pre-register” for their chance at fame. There’s also an option install automatically when available or QR codes can be scanned with compatible devices like smartphones, tablets etc..

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