Paying for Instagram subscription? Users can earn money; plans cost Rs. 85, €. 440, €. 890

Now you can pay for an Instagram subscription. Platform reportedly has a paid subscription feature in India.

Photo sharing meta app Instagram is likely to introduce paid subscriptions soon for content creators and influencers to earn money. However, according to one Twitter user, the feature is available to some people in India and he has also disclosed the price. This allows them to charge a certain amount of readers to grant access to their exclusive content, videos, and stories. A paid Instagram subscription will have a purple badge next to their username to indicate that they are subscribed. The feature is currently being trialled with a few content creators and influencers in the US and India. Instagram’s paid subscription feature is available with pricing tiers to subscribe to some content creators in local currency.

Instagram mentioned in one of its blog posts: “At Meta, we strongly believe in enabling creators to earn a living through our platforms and have developed a range of tools that allow them to do that – to help them get support from their audience, partner with brands, and monetize ads or bonuses directly from Instagram and Facebook. We’re excited to introduce our newest monetization feature: Instagram Subscriptions.”

Recently, a Twitter user named Salman Memon (@salman_memon_7) shared a screenshot from Instagram showing the different pricing options for subscribing to select creator accounts. The subscriptions cost Rs. 85, €. 440, and Rs. 890 a month. The Screengrab also shows the purple badges next to a username and details of what subscribers are entitled to, such as subscriber-only stories, exclusive live videos, and the subscriber badge.

Once the feature is available to everyone, the creators and influencers will be able to monetize their content, videos, stories and live access to Instagram. As of now, there is no way for creators to set up their account to receive paid subscriptions in India.

Meanwhile, TikTok also recently revealed that the company is working on paid subscriptions, which will allow creators to monetize their content. The position offers them the opportunity to earn a steady income.

Microblogging service Twitter already introduced the Super Follows feature last year, which allows users to share subscriber-only content, including “behind-the-scenes” content, early previews and subscriber-only conversations (for tweets) with their followers on the service .

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