NASA says this giant comet is headed for Earth at lightning speed! Are we in danger?

The largest comet in the solar system is making its way to Earth at terrifying speed! Are we in danger? Know what NASA said.

NASA says the Hubble Space Telescope has found a giant comet with the largest nucleus astronomers have ever seen. NASA says the giant comet called Bernardinelli-Bernstein (C/2014 UN271) is about 128 KM in diameter, making it even bigger than Rhode Island in the US and its nucleus 50 times bigger than the other known comets. But what is alarming is the lightning speed at which it comes to Earth! Comet Bernardinelli-Bernstein is well on its way, according to NASA. NASA reports that comet Bernardinelli-Bernstein is moving from the edge of the solar system to Earth at 22,000 miles per hour.

However, NASA says the comet will never get closer than 1 billion miles to Earth. And another good news is that it will make its closest approach to Earth before the year 2031.

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Danger is still there

Still, scientists’ biggest fear is “what if the comet strays a bit from its path.” And the answer won’t make you relax, because it could bring the worst possible scenario – the end of the Earth as we know it!

What happens if the comet hits Earth?

NASA has laid out the three main factors that affect the severity of a celestial body’s attack, in this case, Comet Bernardinelli-Bernstein says.

  • The first factor is body weight; the bigger the body, the more damage it does.
  • The second factor is the speed of the celestial body. In simpler terms, a slower-moving item has less kinetic energy, which evaporates more gradually. While a high speed object on the other hand will transport a large amount of energy at a fast rate which will lead to more damage.
  • And the last factor is the composition of the celestial body. That means the comet’s structure also has a significant effect on the comet’s eventual impact on Earth. In general, rocky bodies are said to be worse than icy bodies.

And by holding all three factors in place, comet Bernardinelli-Bernstein is capable enough to break Earth into several tiny fragments and destroy all life!

That means we’re safe unless the comet changes its path!

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