India Bans 35 Pakistan-based YouTube Channels, 2 Websites

35 Pakistan-based YouTube channels, 2 websites were banned for their anti-Indian content. Among them were Twitter accounts, Instagram accounts and a Facebook account

The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting has ordered a ban on 35 YouTube channels and two websites conducting anti-Indian propaganda and spreading fake news “in a coordinated manner”. These websites and YouTube channels were managed from Pakistan, I&B secretary Apurva Chandra told a news conference on Friday. Indian intelligence agencies kept a close eye on these social media accounts and websites and passed them on to the ministry for immediate action, he added. The ministry also banned 2 Twitter accounts, 2 Instagram accounts, 2 websites and a Facebook account, said Vikram Sahay, Joint Secretary (P&A), Ministry of Information and Broadcasting on Friday for spreading misinformation.

Joint Secretary Sahay said: “The common factor between all these accounts is that they operate out of Pakistan and are spreading fake anti-India news and other content.” The ministry, through the Ministry of Telecoms, has instructed the respective social media and internet service providers’ intermediaries to block all accounts.

See five separate orders issued under Rule 16 of the Intermediary Guidelines and Digital Media Ethics Code, 2021, and the Ministry has ordered the blocking of these Pakistan-based social media accounts and websites the ministry said in a statement later. .

Sahay added: “The blocked accounts contain content about the Indian Armed Forces, Kashmir, India’s foreign relations with other countries and the death of former CDS Bipin Rawat,” the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting said. “The blocked social media accounts had more than 1.2 crore subscribers with a viewership of 130 crores”.

The 35 accounts blocked by the ministry all operated from Pakistan and were identified as part of four coordinated disinformation networks. These blocked accounts include the Apni Duniya Network which operates 14 YouTube channels and Talha Films Network which operates 13 YouTube channels, according to the release of Information and Broadcasting.

The contents of the blocked accounts violated five separate injunctions issued under Rule 16 of the Information Technology Rules (Guidelines for Intermediaries and Code of Ethics for Digital Media, 2021).

The orders were handed out on Thursday.

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