How you can THREATEN fast internet planes

5G networks in the US have proven harmful to the Boeing 777 aircraft. Already know how it hurts aviation.

Is 5G harmful? We have voiced environmentalists and celebrities against the introduction of 5G networks into our lives. While the networks of the next generation of living beings are suspected to cause damage in many ways, it has now been proven that they CAN damage aircraft! In fact, it can hurt enough to cause flight risks around the world. Airlines have already started canceling several flights in the US where 5G networks are deployed.

Based on Boeing’s internal findings, it appears that 5G networks may be messing with the Boeing 777 aircraft’s flight telemetry. This can paralyze the plane’s sense of altitude, something you don’t want to do wrong after it takes off or before it lands. As a result, several airlines around the world, including India’s Air India, have taken the Boeing 777 aircraft off those routes where 5G networks are deployed.

Does this mean 5G should be pulled down at all the world’s airports? Let’s find out.

5G vs Airplanes: What Happened?

For this you need to understand how 5G works. 5G, like all other forms of radio communication, relies on electromagnetic waves to facilitate the exchange of data. While previous-generation networks used lower frequencies, 5G uses the higher 3.5GHz and higher frequencies to facilitate communication. Waves of this kind have been largely confined to security scanners and medical-grade devices.

Therefore, the rest of the world’s communication systems built years ago did not take into account mobile communications reaching such high frequencies of ether. Now that it’s here, it turns out it’s hurting aircraft operations.

The chief executives of America's largest airlines warned of a…

The chief executives of America’s largest airlines warned of a “catastrophic disruption” to travel if 5G is rolled out. (AFP)

Due to the nature of the EMF waves, 5G airwaves have been shown to mess up aircraft equipment critical to safe operations. While most new-generation aircraft have proven to be safe, the decades-old Boeing 777 wide-body aircraft have problems.

How 5G is hurting the Boeing 777?

With the Boeing 777, it has been found that 5G networks can cause interference on the aircraft’s altimeter. This device is critical for ground height readings during landing/takeoff and to assist the automated landing systems. A broken altimeter can make landings risky for this wide-body “mini jumbo” jetliner, especially in inclement weather at the airport.

In several US cities where 5G networks are being rolled out near airports, airlines are concerned after Boeing’s warning to operators and authorities. Hence, some of the world’s largest airlines are either canceling Boeing 777 flights or reassigning other aircraft. As the Boeing 777 is considered the workhorse of the airline industry, the losses are mounting.

Affected airlines include Emirates, ANA, JAL, Air India, British Airways and a few others.

However, not all aircraft are considered disabled by 5G. Popular wide-body jets such as the Airbus A350, Boeing 787, Airbus A380 and a few others have been found suitable to fly to airports with 5G networks.

Is 5G harmful to humans?

There have been several rumors that 5G would be harmful to living things, including humans. It is believed that 5G networks can cause tissue damage, cancer and affect cognitive functions in humans. However, there is not yet a single scientific study that has shown the risks. 5G continues to roll out around the world.

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