Has NASA Mars Rover Found a Secret Alien Door? Discover the truth behind this shocking image

The NASA Mars Rover Curiosity has sent a strange image from the red planet. The image shows a carved door in a rock formation that looks like it could be a secret doorway for aliens. But was it real? Discover the truth.

Did NASA Mars Rover Curiosity just find a secret alien lair? That was the question the internet asked yesterday when a strange image was shared by the rover from the red planet. The viral image showed a perfectly cut rectangular doorway in a rock formation. This image confused many internet users into believing that it could be a secret entrance for aliens. Indeed, it would be surprising if after searching for them in every nook and corner of the universe, we found evidence of aliens in this way. But the netizens were convinced that this impeccably carved door must have been made by an intelligent species. So do aliens exist? And did they choose to stay in caves on Mars? Read on to find out. Also read: NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope will share spectacular images in July.

NASA Mars Rover Finds Strange Doorway

The image was taken on May 7 by the Mast Camera of the NASA Mars Rover Curiosity. The image came from a geological site called Greenheugh Pediment, where the rover sampled and scanned the territory. The image in question appears to be a doorway in a large rock formation, usually seen on our planets as signs of caves or entrances made by ancient civilizations. The similarity between the two is what led many people to believe that it could be an ancient Martian civilization that created it. However, it is far from the truth.

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According to an report by Science Alert, this compelling image may have nothing to do with aliens. It appears that the doorway is instead a sliding break in the rock formation. This may have arisen as a result of a stress on the rock causing part of it to break off. A possible explanation for this is also attributed to earthquakes on the planet. NASA Mars Rover Curiosity has reportedly experienced quite a few earthquakes since its landing on Mars, the largest of which was recorded just a few days ago on May 4. Also read: NASA finds fragments of the asteroid that destroyed the dinosaurs.

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Another interesting fact about the statue that many failed to consider is that while the statue appears to be life-size, it’s more likely that the door-like carving is only a few inches wide. A larger and colored version of the image reveals the size of the entire structure and how big the doorway appears to be with it. For those who have trouble finding the door, it is located at the top of the image, in the left corner.

Why many people believed it was a doorway for aliens is explained by a phenomenon called pareidolia. It is a tendency of our brain to perceive a specific, often meaningful image in a random or ambiguous visual pattern.

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