Elon Musk blows to Donald Trump! Know the reaction of the Tesla chief

Elon Musk says he will favor a “less divisive” candidate than Trump by 2024.

Billionaire Elon Musk made it clear on Thursday that while he wants Twitter to lift its permanent ban on former President Donald Trump, it does not mean he will support Trump in a future 2024 presidential campaign.

Musk, the world’s richest person and Tesla CEO, is trying to strike a deal to take over Twitter.

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Musk told a Financial Times conference on Tuesday that Twitter’s decision to ban Trump was “morally bad.”

He followed up on those comments in a tweet on Thursday night, emphasizing that he does not support Trump as a presidential candidate.

“While I think a less divisive candidate would be better in 2024, I still think Trump should get back to Twitter,” he said.

Trump has said he doesn’t want to go back to Twitter, but instead build his own Truth Social platform.

He was permanently banned from Twitter in January 2021 due to the “risk of further incitement to violence” following the storming of the US Capitol, the company said at the time. Trump is considering running for president in 2024 after losing his 2020 reelection bid.

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