Do you regularly have problems with your phone’s battery? Know how to boost your phone battery

Does your phone battery run out quickly? You may be making these mistakes. Know tips to extend phone battery life.

Smartphones are now miniature supercomputers! In fact, smartphones now come equipped with almost all the necessities that anyone could possibly need that will likely put the supercomputers of a few generations ago to shame. But the cost to pay for these huge new features on handsets is that they drain the phone’s battery quickly. With advancements in technology, the latest processors, clear screen display and faster internet, your phone’s battery has a lot to endure. If you’re experiencing phone battery issues, it’s not just due to your increased screen time usage, but also things running in the background! In fact, a number of factors are responsible for the phone battery draining quickly. Although the company is packing the smartphone with increasingly powerful batteries to tackle the energy problem, problems do arise. Curious what these are? These are the mistakes to avoid on your Android or iPhone – know how to extend phone battery life.

Tips to extend your phone’s battery life

Close battery draining apps

Many popular apps, especially those with lots of images or audio, are terrible battery drainers. Especially video games with free versions that show ads. It’s best to close your apps rather than just minimize them. Apps running in the background can drain your phone’s battery.

Use of Wi-Fi

The habit of always having the Wi-Fi connection on can drain your smartphone’s battery quite a bit. While connecting to the closest Wi-Fi connection can certainly save data, it can also drain your battery. Only use WiFi when you need it.

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Push notifications on? reduce them

Undoubtedly, getting instant push notifications from various apps like Facebook, Twitter or news websites can be of great help. But your phone’s battery pays the price for this. You can disable the push notifications for the unnecessary apps to save your battery. The easy way to do this on an Android smartphone is to press and hold an app icon, which will give you several options, including ‘App info’. Below you will see the Notifications option, which you can toggle on and off.

Your phone must be overworked! Balance it out

If you only surf the Internet, the processor does not always have to run at maximum speed. If it does then it means your phone is working overtime. You can keep it under control. Just go to the battery options, select Enhanced processing and disable it. You’ll need this if you use the smartphone for high graphics purposes, such as playing games or editing.

The power saving mode is here to help you

Every smartphone is equipped with this feature. But do you use it often? If not, it’s here to help you reduce your phone’s battery consumption. Just turn it on and the battery saver mode will cut down on all the features that drain your battery. This can be very useful if the battery is low and no charging option is available. However, you should know that this option can even prevent messages sent to you from reaching your phone.

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