Concerned about WhatsApp privacy? This will help you sleep better

WhatsApp last seen feature to change this way! WhatsApp privacy just took a BIG step forward.

WhatsApp can blow hot and cold on many issues, but it is quite dynamic in nature! We say that, because there are some things that you almost always see change on the app. This could be in the form of a regular update or the debut of a brand new feature. To improve your messaging and sharing experience, Meta proprietary instant messaging apps keep introducing new features and updates. A few days ago, WhatsApp announced its vision and introduced new features such as Emoji Reactions, admin access to delete problematic messages, share larger files and up to 32 participants in a single audio call, and finally the long-awaited Community feature. Now there is something more and it has to do with WhatsApp privacy issues, something that has been worrying so many of its users for so long!

The WhatsApp updates and beta trackers, WaBetaInfo, confirmed that users can hide WhatsApp ‘last seen’ status for a particular contact. At this point, users have to do it for everyone to hide the status. WhatsApp users can now also restrict the Last Seen feature for certain contacts. For the same reason, WhatsApp is also testing the ability to limit the option to view profile photos and the “About” section to restricted contacts only.

How will this WhatsApp privacy feature change?

WaBetaInfo reported that if you open your WhatsApp settings and go to the privacy settings in Account, you will find the Last Seen, Profile Picture and About sections there. Soon you will see a new option known as “My contacts except…”. According to the WhatsApp tracker, this option allows you to exclude some people from seeing your information on WhatsApp.

Let’s say you don’t need to set your last seen to “Nobody” if you disabled it because of certain contacts, you can simply exclude a few contacts from seeing your last seen now. However, keep in mind that once you select contacts under My contacts except, you won’t be able to see their last seen either. Well, this will not be the same for About and Profile section as you can view the profiles and information of other contacts.

To get this feature, you need to update your WhatsApp to the latest version, otherwise it may be rolled out to your account soon.

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