Sony makes its EV with F1 World Championship winning automaker, launch planned for 2025

Sony and Honda have teamed up to launch an electric vehicle by 2025. Read all about it here.

Sony and Honda are working together on an electric vehicle! As part of the latest developments, Sony and Honda have agreed to collaborate on a battery-powered electric vehicle project, which plans to bring a car to market by 2025. The two Japanese companies said in a statement that they would form a joint venture to develop and sell the electric vehicles. The joint venture will take place this year and the first model resulting from this venture will hit the market in 2025.

However, it probably won’t carry the Sony badge on the hood. The deal will allow Honda to manufacture the auto parts, while Sony will provide mobility service, entertainment and other technical parts. An official press release will be forthcoming shortly.

Sony and Honda to make electric cars together

The announcement comes at a time when Sony’s biggest rival, Apple, is also reportedly working on its own EV. While Apple’s EV plans are expected to materialize by the end of this decade, Sony and Honda will have their cars ready by 2025. Honda, which recently supplied the Formula 1 World Championship winning team Red Bull Honda F1, already has experience making electric vehicles in some of its global markets.

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Sony, on the other hand, is known for making the popular PlayStation consoles and some of the world’s best entertainment gadgets and devices. Sony had recently showcased its Vision-S Coupé as its first electric vehicle at the CES 2022 event. The company has been testing the prototype for several years and it looks like the joint venture with Honda could see this car become a reality. The Vision-S is essentially a four-door coupe with an appearance similar to Tesla vehicles.

With Sony leading the way in the EV space, it remains to be seen what its rivals from Southeast Asia and the Western markets have in store for us. Brands like Xiaomi, Oppo and a few others have expressed an interest in building and selling their own EVs. On the Indian scene, Ola took a big step forward with his electric scooters straight from his ride-hailing service. And with the right pricing, it’s shown that a tech company that builds and sells its EV can be a hit with customers.

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