Shocking! Wordle STOPS for you on this date; Have fun guessing the Wordle answer today

With millions of people searching for Wordle answers today and every day, this game is an absolute internet sensation. But it won’t be here forever. Find out when Wordle stops for you. Play today’s Wordle while the fun lasts.

Did you enjoy searching for the Wordle answer today? Have you found Wordle 278’s answer for March 24 yet? If you’re anything like the millions of people who play the game every day, the answer is probably yes. But you’ll be shocked to know that Wordle, which has become almost your daily ritual at this point, won’t last forever. In fact, we even know the date it will end. It’s because the game was built by creator Josh Wardle with a finite number of words that will be exhausted after a certain date. And after that day, Wordle will no longer generate new words. And when you open the game, you may only be greeted with a blank screen. Read on to find out when Wordle will stop.

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This isn’t really a big secret. In fact, the answer is out there for anyone who takes a look and knows how to enter Wordle’s source code. Even after the acquisition, the New York Times stated that they haven’t touched the game and it’s still exactly the same at its core. Many techies have verified the same. Thus, the game source code and glossary remain the same. Once you reach that page, you can see the whole list of words and then do a simple calculation to find out when it will all be over for Wordle.

Wordle ends on this date

However, if you’re concerned about Wordle’s ending, have no fear. While it will definitely end, it won’t happen anytime soon. The final word puzzle will be presented by the game on October 20, 2027! That’s 5 years from now. If you still love the game by then, that will be the date you’ll be solving Wordle for the last time ever.

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However, it is not a certainty. Many things can change for that. NYT can add more words to the system so that the game can continue. Then it can even reset and randomize the existing words so that players can recycle them. Even the original creator can come up with Wordle 2 or something similar with maybe 4 or 6 letter word puzzles this time. It’s too early to speculate. All we know for sure is that on October 20, 2027, the word list will end in Wordle, and after that things will change for both the game and all of its fans.

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