PUBG, Clash of Clans, Pokemon that harm children, says horror crime expert

Days after a 16-year-old boy, who was addicted to playing mobile games, shot his mother for scolding him for his PUBG addiction, experts expressed concern.

Days after a 16-year-old boy, who was addicted to playing mobile games, shot his mother to death for scolding him for his PUBG addiction, experts on Saturday expressed concerns about mental health issues linked to phone addiction.

dr. Jyoti Kapoor, senior psychiatrist and founder of Manasthali Services, said: “Mobile games have not only stunted a child’s physical growth, but have kept him ignorant of the reality of the world.”

She emphasized that health problems such as weight gain, laziness and vision problems are increasing due to the overuse of electronic devices and thus affects the mental health of the individuals as well.

Games like PUBG, Clash of Clans and Pokemon, among others, lure children through their daily progress in graphics and gestures and they give more priority to these games compared to other activities. Health problems like weight gain, laziness, vision problems due to the overuse of electronic devices, not to mention that it has also affected relationships, as children are so lost in their mobile games that they now prefer to spend time with their family and friends,” said Dr. said Kapoor.

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The doctor further advised elders and parents to educate their children about the harmful effects of electronic games and to encourage them to participate in physical activities.

dr. Kapoor said: “It is important for the elderly and parents to make their children aware of the harmful effects of these games. They should be well aware of the negative effects of addiction to these games. Even when they play, there should be a time limit to prevent them from degrading their health. Encourage them to participate in other sports so they can find something else to do instead of sticking to these games.”

Another expert, Dr. Shweta Sharma, a clinical psychologist and founder of the Mansa Global Foundation for Mental Health, said children and cell phones have become interdependent, affecting children’s mental and physical health.

“In today’s age, children and cell phones have become dependent on each other, but there are still some drawbacks of the Internet for children’s physical and mental health,” said Dr. Sharma.

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“Usually the type of games or the content of videos on YouTube is largely related to aggression and therefore the kids can’t channel it in a positive way,” the doctor said.

“Therefore, this leads to an outburst to their parents, siblings or peers. The focus of these mobile games is a soft target,” she said.

The doctor also pointed out: “Several video games emphasize the benefits of high-speed driving, using weapons that have a negative effect on their mental health. That’s why it’s essential that we all take care of what our children are watching and doing.” on cell phones.”

dr. Sharma stressed that it is a bad habit for parents to use mobile phones for their children to complete their work or household chores.

“Sometimes, in order to work undisturbed, we give phones to children, let them look at cell phones, which is not good. We need to change this habit. We can encourage them to engage in physical activity by going to stadiums, playgrounds, and walking so they can quit or secure their cell phone addiction, internet use, and their future,” she said.

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In a shocking incident, a 16-year-old boy, who was addicted to playing mobile games, shot his mother to death for scolding him for his PUBG addiction. The boy later locked his 10-year-old sister in a room and sat with his mother’s corpse at his home in the PGI area of ​​Aldico Colony of Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh police said on June 8.

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