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PS 2 Release Date, Ponniyin Selvan 2 Shooting, Cast, Story, Trailer

Know the PS 2 Release Date, Ponniyin Selvan 2 Shooting, Cast, Story, and Trailer from the fine details which are discussed in this article.

Ponniyin Selvan 1 was released in 2022 and was an action-adventure film in the Telugu Language. Famous actress Aishwarya Rai Bachchan has played a role in the first part. In this article, we will be discussing the PS 2 Release DateStory, Cast, and more specific details of the film.

PS 2 Release Date

The climax of the first part was phenomenal and the movie has gotten a massive response from worldwide fans. The director of the movie said they would again going to break the Box Office in the 2nd part of the movie. First of all, the director decides to make a single movie but then, later on, keeping in mind the movie’s duration, it is decided to split it into two parts. The movie has been released in different languages, such as Tamil, Telegu, Hindi, Malayalam and Kannada. The first movie has gotten an excellent response from the audience worldwide, generating an income of 450 crores worldwide.

PS 2 Release Date

Later, the rights were sold to Amazon Prime to release the movie on the OTT Platform that gave an impressive response from the public. The Director of the movie Mani Ratnam, said that there was a need to give a gap between both parts around a period of six to nine months. Now, it is confirmed that the PS 2 Release Date is PS-2 is 28 April 2023. All the fans are excited to see part 2 because as we have discussed it earlier, Ponniyin Selvan 1 has ended with considerable suspense.

Ponniyin Selvan 2 Shooting

The majority of the 2nd part of Ponniyin Selvan is also shot with the first part of the movie. It is said that both parts of the movie have taken a time of 150 days. This is actually good news for the audience that they will get the 2nd part of the movie within a short period of time. After the completion of the shooting of the 2nd part, the director decided to take some shots again for a better performance of the movie in the film industry.

The Reshooting of some scenes is going to take a time period of around 7 to 10 days

PS 2 Cast

After knowing the PS 2 Release Date let us know about PS-II Cast.






1.Aishwarya Rai BachchanNandini
2.Trisha KrishnanTo whom
3.Aishwarya LakshmiAt this point
4.VikramParthibendra Pall
6.Sobhita DhulipalaVaanathi
7.Jayam RaviArulmozhi Varman
8.Sara ArjunNandini
9.Arjun ChidambaramVaragunan
10.Ashwin KakumanuSendhan Amudhan
11.Ashwin RaoKandhamaran
12.Prakash RajSundara Chola
13.Shyam FernandoMahindra
15.Babu AntonyKhottiga
16.Mohan RamanAniruddha Brahma
18.Makarand DeshpandeNot Mentioned
19.Vinodhini VaidyanathanVasuki
20.LalThirukovalur Mala
21.Yes JapeeKaruthiruman
22.Riyaz KhanSoman Sambavan
23.Vijay YesudasNot Mentioned
24.Amzat KhanMazhavarayar
25.Nizhalgal RaviSambuvarayar
26.Balaji SakthivelVanangamudiyar
27.Rashi KhannaNot Mentioned
28.Gopi KannadasanDambulla Bikshu
30.Vikram PrabhuParthibendran
32.Kamal HaasanNot Mentioned
33.R. ParthibanChinna Paluvetar
34.R. SarathkumarPeriya Pazhuvett
36.PrabhuPeriya Vellar

PS II Story

In the ending part of PS-I, we saw that Rajkumar Barman gets stuck in deep water, and all the other people of the empire think that he died. His brother took all the force and knew that all these things are done by the Nandini. Arulmozhi definitely has not died because the name of the story is Ponniyin Selvan. Later on, he became the most famous leader.

In the next scene, Aditha Karikalan meets with Nandini. The Soldiers want to beat Aditha Karikalan but Nandini makes an agreement with them to attack Aditha. Luckily, Aditha dies in the attack and Nandini thinks that is the victory Now! But this blame goes on Vandhiyadevan because of the Throne politics. Again, the Empire believes that the if Aditha wouldn’t have died, he would be the most famous leader of the Cholas of the upcoming future. PS 2 Release Date is shared and now we will be focusing on the new part of PS.

Let’s us know take the story to PS-II. In this part, Raja Sunder Chola had two sons and both of them died as discussed in PS I. But they people of Chola didn’t knew that Arulmozhi is alive and they give the Throne in the hands of Madurantaka Uttama Chola.

Although Nandini’s plan became a success to kill Aditha Karikalan, people thought that Vandhiyadevan killed the King. Pazhuvettaraiyar then realizes his mistake of getting married to  Nandini. So he claims all the blame on himself to save Vandhiyadevan, and he has to die. Now suddenly, Arulmozhi enters the empire and then, in their capital, he wants and claims that the empire has to hand over to him for safety.

In this story, the twist is that the Arulmozhi supporters and Madurantaka Uttama Chola supporters divide each other. There is also a probable that there will be a civil war between the Cholas. Because of this, Arulmozhi Barman had to shed his powers and have to hand it over to Madurantaka Uttama Chola. One more promise is shared between the Kings that when Uttama dies just in case then Arulmozhi will rule the empire!

Due to this, the probability of civil war becomes null and void, and Arulmozhi and Madurantaka Uttama Chola gets into a good friendship. Now in the empire of Cholas, there is peace. But in part 1, there are also subplots in which Kundavai and Vabdiyadevan sub-story is shown. In future, they both will be married in future Madurantaka Uttama Chola will be married to Purnima.

PS-II Trailer

After the success of the PS I, the second part of the movie trailer will soon be released on YouTube. We have already discussed the PS 2 Release Date and believe that you will like the new part as well.

PS-2 Trailer

Currently, the Teaser of PS II has launched, and it has gained a response from the public with the title “The Chalos are Back”.

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