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PM SVANIDHI YOJANA What is Pradhan Mantri Swanidhi Yojana?

Last Updated On May 26, 2023

PM SVANIDHI YOJANA COVID-19 has greatly affected the life of common people in the country of India. COVID-19 has also decimated the business of street vendors, thus cutting off their means of livelihood. For this reason, in June 2020, a scheme called Pradhan Mantri Swanidhi Nidhi Yojana was launched by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs to provide financial assistance to street vendors affected by the Kovid-19 pandemic. by the central government PM SVANidhi yojana It was started in 2020, which is being run smoothly even in 2023.

What is PM SVANidhi scheme?

PM Swanidhi Yojana is a scheme launched by the Prime Minister in 2020. In which loans are being given to street vendors whose business was closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This loan is being given to them so that they can start their business again and regain their livelihood.

Friends, although everyone had suffered a lot due to the Kovid epidemic, but the poor and the working class suffered the most. Keeping this in mind, the Government of India has started the Swanidhi scheme.

Benefits of PM SVANidhi Scheme

By the way, nowadays it has become very easy to take a loan, on the digital platform one can easily get the loan in a short time. But if you are from the poor, deprived class or there is no money in your bank account, there is nothing to mortgage, then the bank does not give you a loan. After Covid, when again you had to start your business or work and you had the requirement of money without any guarantee, the Government of India solved this problem by starting PM Swanidhi Yojana.

The government is giving you an amount of 10000 to 50000 rupees without any guarantee and interest. You can start any small business with this money and return it later. PM SVANidhi Yojana is a very beneficial scheme for all the citizens with low income. If you also want to resume your closed work in covid and you do not have money, then you can do this work by taking loan from PM Swanidhi scheme.

PM Swanidhi Scheme Loan

Under the PM SVANidhi scheme, the government is giving loans without any guarantee for starting employment. Loans ranging from Rs 10,000 to Rs 50,000 are available without any guarantee under the PM SVANidhi scheme. The period for depositing this loan has been kept for 1 year. If a person is not able to deposit this loan within 1 year, then no interest amount will be payable on him, rather he will be given some extra time so that he can deposit the loan amount. So far more than 50 lakh people have got the benefits of PM SVANidhi yojana in India.


Who are eligible for PM SVANidhi? Who are eligible for PM Swanidhi?)

PM svanidhi yojana The benefit will be given to those street vendors whose business was closed due to COVID-19. the government Who is eligible for PM SVANidhi Have released their list. Due to which only those people who come under this list can take the benefits of PM SVANidhi Yojana. As-

  • Barber’s shop
  • Cobbler
  • Washerman
  • Vegetable seller
  • tea stand
  • bread cracker and egg seller
  • fruit seller
  • hawker
  • stationery seller
  • hawker

Only street vendors doing small jobs etc. have been considered eligible for PM SVANidhi yojana. Same Prime Minister Swanidhi Yojana Under this, you can start a business by taking a loan.

PM svanidhi yojana last date

Pm svanidhi yojana was launched by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs in June 2020. The purpose of this scheme is Loan For Street Vendor. So that street vendors can start their business again. Earlier PM SVANidhi yojana last date March 31, 2023 was kept but now the last date of this Yojana has been extended till December 2024.

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PM svanidhi yojana online registration

If you want to do online registration in PM SVANidhi yojana. So we will give you detailed information about it. Which you can do online registration in PM SVANidhi yojana by following step by step. So let’s know-

  • First of all, visit the official website of PM SVANidhi yojana on your laptop or mobile.
  • Now official website – pm svanidhi. mohua. gov. in will be open.
  • After the website is open, the Home page will open in front of you.
  • In which you will see the option of Apply for Loan.
  • Now you have to click on the link of Apply for Loan.
  • After clicking, a new page will open in front of you.
  • After the new page is open, many information will be asked from you, which you have to fill.
  • After filling all the details, check them thoroughly once again.
  • After filling the form, also attach the documents asked in it.
  • When the form is completely filled, submit it.
  • Now an OTP will come on your phone, which you have to fill in the captcha code.
  • In this way your online registration will be done in PM SVANidhi yojana.

PM svanidhi loan application form

If you want to apply for PM SVANidhi loan application form then first of all you

  • Go to the play store on your phone and click on the search option.
  • Now when the option of search is open pm svanidhi in it. Click on writing mobile app.
  • Now the app will open on the screen.
  • Now install this app.
  • When this app is installed then open it.
  • Once the app is open, you can apply for the loan using the application form.


we you Pradhan Mantri Swanidhi Yojana (PM SVANidhi yojana) All the information about is given in detail. Hope you have liked this information and you can use it to get benefits under Pradhan Mantri Swanidhi Yojana.

Disclaimer : sarkarijobfind.com does not represent any government agency or political party. The information provided by me is for general information purposes and is based on publicly available sources. It is always advisable to verify the information with the concerned government official or department before taking any decision or action.


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