Nidhi Jha-Yash Kumar rocked after the engagement, if you don’t believe, watch the Bhojpuri song ‘Jan Kehke Jan Leba …’

Famous Bhojpuri couple Yash Kumar and Nidhi Jha formalized their relationship by getting engaged last month and now they are going to tie the knot soon. Meanwhile, after the engagement and before the marriage, their new song ‘Jan Jan Kahke Jan Leba Ka Hummer’ (Jan Jan Kahke Jan Leba Ka Hummer) has been published on YouTube. The song is from his film ‘Shankar’. In this song, the two stars are seen in love with each other and there is no answer to chemistry.

The video of Bhojpuri song ‘Jan Jan Kehke Jan Leba Ka Hummer’ has been released by Worldwide Records from Bhojpuri YouTube channel. It shows that Nidhi Jha and Yash Kumar have fallen in love with each other. Amazing real chemistry is seen in them. The song is sung by Padma Shri singer Udit Narayan and singer Khushbu Jain in their own style. The song is beautifully illustrated. Its location seems to be foreign, not domestic. In the song, Nidhi tells Jha-Yash Kumar that ‘Jaan jaan ke jaan leba ka humar thik na kharch raju niyat tohar’. With this Yash said to Nidhi, ‘E jaan jaan tohfe jaan or nisar’. The western look of both of them is enriching the songs a lot. All rights to the image are held by Worldwide Records. Whose honor is Ratnakar Kumar.

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Presented by Yash & Raj Entertainment and produced under the banner of Lirana Motion Pictures, the film is produced by Rakesh Singh, Yash Raj Sharma. Director Suraj Kumar Giri. Co-producer Madhu Singh. Author Sajid Malik and Shamsher Sen. The composers are Om Jha, S Kumar. The lyricists are Pare Lal Yadav, Fanindra Rao, Ajit Mandal, Sumit Singh Chandrabangshi. Cinematography by DK Sharma, Bipin Prasad, Pradeep Sharma and Ajit Yadav Dance Kanu Mukherjee, Ram Devan, Action Dinesh Yadav, Kala Raj Verma, Anthology Girish Singh. Executive Producer Sudhir Yadav. Production managers are Sujit Patel, Raj Kishore Mukhiya and Prince Tiwari. ‘Shankar’ will be released across India by Anamika Studios. Photo promoter Ramchandra Yadav. Starring Yash Kumar, Nidhi Jha, Sushil Singh, Raj Kapoor Shahi, Radhe Mishra, Binod Mishra, Kiran Yadav, JP Singh, Vidya Singh, Ratnesh Barnwal and others.

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