Neelam Kothari lied to her father to act in the film, find out a funny incident

Sapphire room She is a very beautiful actress and amazing dancer of 80’s and 90’s who has given many hits in Bollywood. The actress, who made her Bollywood debut in 1984 with ‘Jawani’, made her film debut with Karan Shah. After a long career in film, he moved away from the film world in 2000. Neelam’s pairing with actor Govinda was quite popular and they both worked together in many amazing films. Although Neelam’s father did not want his daughter to work in the film.

Neelam’s father did not mention the proposal
Recently, Neelam Kothari recalled her father Shishir Kothari saying that she never wanted her daughter to work in films. He disliked it so much that when he was offered a picture, he didn’t say anything about it for months. Neelam’s father was a businessman who died in November last year. Recalling her father, the actress said, ‘He was against his acting career. Neelam has explained a lot to him, there have been long discussions, then somewhere Neelam has been able to persuade him to try his hand at acting.

Neelam’s father did not like acting
Speaking to Pinkvilla, the actress said, ‘When I got the photo offer, my dad didn’t tell me for months. Because he had nothing in mind. We didn’t have a film background. One day my father told me over lunch that you had a movie offer. I was a very shy girl, I told her ‘you know Dad, next time I will go to Bombay and try. He said, “No, no, it’s not possible. You won’t work in a movie.”

I got an offer of ‘Jawani’ on holidays
Neelam said, “Once I came to Bombay on holiday, Ramesh Bahal, the director of ‘Jawani’, finally persuaded me to audition for a film. I really liked it there, so I decided to do the film. I just liked being in front of the camera. My mom used to think I was so shy, I didn’t talk, how could I do all this.

Sapphire room

Neelam is 52 years old and still fit.

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I lied to my father about my youth
“I had to try hard to convince my father and he finally agreed, because I told him I would just do this one picture and come back to the bank,” Neelam said. Needless to say, what happened after that. Neelam later got a lot of support from her family. Neelam was spotted with Mahip Kapoor, Seema Khan and Bhabna Pandey on Netflix’s reality show ‘Fabulous Lives of Bollywood Wives’ after a long hiatus.

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