Massive solar flare erupts on sun, causing power outages on Earth, says NASA; Will a solar storm hit us?

A large M-class solar flare erupted on the sun, causing radio interference on Earth, NASA said. Now there is concern whether the resulting solar storm could hit our planet and cause further damage.

It has been relatively quiet in the sun for the past few weeks. But that changed yesterday when a large solar flare erupted on the sun’s surface. This M-class eruption lasted for three hours, which is a very long time. During that period, the eruption emitted large amounts of electromagnetic radiation and its impact was felt even on Earth. Parts of the Earth experienced brief radio jamming that NASA said interfered with airline navigation and ham radio. A new concern now is whether the solar flare was aimed at Earth and whether the resulting solar storm could further affect our planet. Read on to find out. Also read: Jupiter’s composition reveals shocking facts! This is what study says

The prolonged burst of solar flares was observed by NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory, which has been monitoring and studying the sun since 2010. In the early morning of June 14, it observed increased energy levels and a significant shift in wavelengths in a particular area of ​​the sun, confirming the solar flare. The SDO registered the flare as an M3.4 class flare. For those unaware, solar flares are categorized into A, B, C, M, and X. The first three are significantly small eruptions whose impact cannot be seen on Earth. M is a medium-sized flare while X is the largest and most dangerous flare. Also read: The largest-ever NASA spacecraft, Europa Clipper, will search for aliens on Jupiter’s moon

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NASA: Huge solar flare hits Sun; causes radio interference

Although it was not an X-class flare, it was still strong enough to cause temporary radio interference in the Asia-Pacific region. There are fears about whether the solar storm could hit Earth. A solar storm arising from a class M eruption may not cause serious damage, some disruption to GPS and navigation systems can be expected, causing problems for a number of industries and affecting a portion of the world’s population.

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dr. Tamitha Skov, space weather physicist and popularly known as the space weather woman, covered the event. She tweeted“Our #Sun is waking up big. A massive, partially Earth-centric #solarstorm launched yesterday, NOAA/SWPC forecasts are expected to engulf Earth by midday June 15. NASA predicts impact early the same day Expect mild #aurora to expand with fast #solarwind chaser”.

It appears that while most of the solar storm won’t hit Earth, it will likely throw flashy blows on the planet, displaying aurora.

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