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E Gaan Bhojpuria Lagan Ke Har Jahan Pa Rahe Rahe. I am so proud of the venerable Bharat Ratna Lata Mangeshkar GK, who is new to us today.

Lataji also had a great fondness for Bhojpuri language. Nasir Hussain was the producer of the e-film, Lataji also made a mistake for Bhojpuri. He had close ties with Bihar as well as UP. Lata Mangeshkar Yes, Pahilaka was the title song of Bhojpuri movie ‘Ganga Maiya Tohe Piari Chaibo’. The song Vail E Cinema was released in 1963 as an example in Bhojpuria Samaj Iyad Kell Jala. Ego interesting fact about e-film, which was requested by President Dr. Rajendra Prasad. Oh ghari bhojpuri ke jawan jawan gan gawal gele rahe, o sab gaan aaj ke bhojpuria dil wala gawa pa bahu bhari ba. Lata Ji and her younger sister Usha Mangeshkar also sang in the song ‘Mil Ke Pathar’. Lata Didi, you know not only Hindi as well as Marathi songs, but also Lahar Fehrishat of Ohan’s Gaval’s super hit Bhojpuri song.

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The song ‘Mere Karejwa Mein Ter’ from the movie ‘Ganga Maiya Tohe Piari Chaibo’ was also heard. Yeh Dunno Gane Lata Ji, went with her younger sister Usha. Eh film ke sab gaan super hit rahal ba. Even today, the real lovers of Bhojpuri are singing Ohan Ke Gawal, listening to the song La As.

Lali Lali Hothwa Se, Barse La Lia Ho Ki Ras Chuela ‘movie Lata Ji Gawali E Gaan, Lagi Na Chhote Ram Ke Hai. In Bhojpuri society, whether it is a wedding or a cultural event, the dance of Ladies (Ladies) Logan in Okra must be Rahal. May come when Lataji K e Gana Yelta Mudaj or Harrier Kas Delase.

Lali lali hothwa se, rain la lia ho
Ki ras chuela, ki jise amwa ke mojra
He spilled juice from it, maybe he spilled juice,
You will not speak louder than the king
Tori sweet-sweet bolia karija chuela
Yes please touch …
Talat ji a lataji ke gawal e very famous
Bhojpuri songs can be heard, today Bhojpuri society will tremble.

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There is a demand for e-songs from Jam Ke Nache Wali. Lata jir e gaan ajo utne chav se sunal jala, jetna then listen jata rahe. ‘Look Chup Badra Mein’ (Movie – Ganga Maiya Tohe Piari Chaibo) “Ja Ja Re Sugna Ja Re, Kahi De Sajanwa Se” (Film – Lagi Na Chhote Ram) In the middle, Lata Ji’s song Gave Gave Ke Competition takes place.

The market for Bhojpuri cinema industry was very small then, technically Jason Barrier is no more industry today, the rest of the acre should not be marked with C grade. In Bhojpuri society, your family could not listen to today’s Bhojpuri songs of Bauth in the middle of Gotia Deyadan, 99 percent of today’s Bhojpuri songs have become obscene songs. A large section of the society or J thinks that oh daur me lata ji as our singer Logan’s Gawal Bhojpuri song, today’s Bhojpuri Dil Wala Logan Pa Bis Pad Rahal Ba. Ego Long Gap Ho Gay or Job Kawano Hindi star singer Gile Hokhas Bhojpuri movies and Bhojpuri songs. In Lataji’s last Bhojpuri filming, Gawal sang ‘Ritiya Piritiya Ke Khel’ in ‘Dulha Aisan Chahi’. The song was Lata Mangeshkar Ji’s last song, all these songs or jakara she as a navka singer musician Logan’s Lata Ji learned that the song should be in the language of Kavanagh, but in a clear, clear hook who wants a young family, sir-manush. In society you can hear. Today Lataji is not happy, Gawal is singing, every section of Bhojpuri society is very angry.

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(Sanjay Shaswat is a senior journalist, his views on the article are personal.)

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