Is Kenya Barris Tracee Ellis Ross’s Boyfriend? The Truth About Their Relationship

Is Kenya Barris Tracee Ellis Ross’s Boyfriend? The Truth About Their Relationship

Being in the spotlight is nothing new for the daughter of legendary singer Diana Ross, Tracee Ellis Ross.

However, credit must be given where credit is due – Tracee has made a name for herself by starring in numerous hit TV shows, so her last name isn’t the only thing that makes her famous.

Some of the most popular projects in which she starred are the TV series “Girlfriends” and “Black-ish”.

Tracee has never been one to be candid about her personal life; she mostly spoke about her career in interviews. It’s rare that we see her go out with some specific comments and her love life is a closed door to the open public.

But when did that stop journalists from poking around?

In the past two years, there have been a lot of rumors about a possible relationship that Ross has popped up in. Who is it? None other than the creator of “Black-ish”, Kenya Barris.

Who is Kenya Barris?

Kenya Barris is an American film and TV writer and producer. He is most popular for making the hit ABC comedy “Black-ish”. He also worked as a producer on “Grown-ish”, a spin-off of the original series.

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“Girls Trip” is another popular project he has worked on and he managed to get some pretty famous names like Regina Hall, Queen Latifah, Jade Pinkett Smith and Tiffany Haddish to star in it.

In 2018, Kenya decided to move “Black-ish” to Netflix because he rebelled that ABC would not air an episode of the show for “political” reasons.

In 2019, Netflix asked him to make ‘Black Excellence’, a comedy that has similarities to ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’. However, it is still unclear whether the show will air or not.

Tracee Ellis Ross and Kenya Barris’ relationship rumours

Multiple entertainment websites posted in 2020 that these two were dating and that the source was someone close to both of them.

The exact timeline of when they met and when they started dating is still a mystery.

However, we do know that Kenya and his ex-wife Dr. Raina Barris got divorced in 2019, so we suspect it probably happened in the following months.

These two have six children together and have been married for about 20 years.

Interesting fact, “Black-ish” was actually inspired by Raina and Kenya’s relationship.

Kenya told reporters that some of the family feuds on the show were based on their real-life arguments which he found interesting.

Tracee Ellis Ross’ Dating History

The details of Ross’ dating history are very unclear. The only ‘public’ relationship she had was with Abou Thiam, the brother of the popular singer Akon.

She said on numerous occasions that she had no intention of discussing the relationship with the media, saying, “Once you start doing that, other people will have a say in what happens to your life. You don’t want to be that person, I want to focus on discovering myself, alone.”

After the breakup, Thiam said they “had a lot of love for each other” and expressed regret that they had ended the relationship.

While Tracee seems to have left the past, and if the current relationship rumors are true, we wish the couple all the best.

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