Is BGMI Lite launch date coming soon? PUBG commentator ramps up hype

The launch of BGMI Lite has long been the center of attention of Indian mobile gamers. They want BGMI Lite for their phones quickly. Is it coming now?

It has been months since the leaks and expected launch of BattleGrounds Mobile India (BGMI) Lite first appeared on the internet. But so far, no official information has come from BGMI developer, South Korean company Krafton. However, this meant most BGMI fans had to look to other sources for hints of a possible BGMI Lite release date. While raising the hopes of BGMI fans, Ocean Sharma, India’s PUBG Mobile and VALORANT commentator have tweeted about the BGMI Lite launch date. In the end, however, he increased the hype surrounding the launch by actually asking a question, rather than confirming the BGMI Lite launch date. His tweet reads: “BGMI lite aa rha hai kya?”, the most anticipated question from mobile gamers in India: “Is BGMI Lite coming?”

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After the ban on PUBG Mobile from India, BGMI came as a savior for PUBG fans. Since its release, Battlegrounds Mobile India has become one of the most popular battle royale games – it is basically a PUBG game in a new avatar. Krafton only made a few cosmetic changes to PUBG and rolled it out as BGMI after the ban was imposed on China-linked PUBG. The audience was drawn in by the high-quality rendering, graphics and experience, as well as all other features of BGMI. However, due to the specifications of most smartphones, a large percentage of enthusiasts are still unable to play BGMI effectively. It requires BGMI Lite and it hasn’t launched yet despite clamorous demands from fans.

Hence, since the launch of BGMI India, mobile gamers are also expecting the launch of the PUBG Mobile Lite replacement in India which will basically be BGMI Lite. It will be a lower specification game that can be played on low-end smartphones.

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When will BGMI Lite be launched?

Despite the fact that Indian mobile gamers are actively showing interest in the launch of BGMI Lite, the developer Krafton has not made any official announcement about it. However, in Battlegrounds Mobile India, Krafton recently released an in-game poll with several questions about PUBG Mobile Lite and BGMI Lite. The purpose of the survey was to see if Indian players still prefer a lighter gaming experience for BGMI. The poll asked people directly whether they wanted the lite version of BGMI or not.

The fact that a survey has been conducted could very well indicate the launch of BGMI Lite. Unfortunately, due to the lack of official information, BGMI fans will have to wait for the official information to come directly from the Krafton on BGMI’s launch date.

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