How to fix Mobile network state disconnected AT&T

How to fix Mobile network state disconnected AT&T
How to fix Mobile network state disconnected AT&T

Today, almost everyone uses their cell phone for internet access. We have a great deal of data stored on our phones. But sometimes, we face problems like “Mobile Network State Disconnected”. This is frustrating for many people. They don’t know how to fix it.

So, here is a quick solution for you. I have found a way to solve this issue. So, if you want to know how to fix this issue, read this article carefully.

If you face any internet connection problem, you should try these methods. These methods are straightforward and straightforward to fix Mobile network state disconnected AT&T. You need to follow them correctly.

After applying these methods, you will surely get the result. So, let’s start.

What causes Mobile network disconnecting?

mobile network state disconnected

What causes the Mobile network state disconnected? This issue occurs due to different reasons.

1) If you see the “Mobile network state disconnected” message, then check the following things: –

a) Ensure your phone is “powered on”.

b) Ensure your phone is connected to the correct “mobile network Status”.

c) Ensure your phone is registered with the current “mobile network provider”.

d) Ensure your phone is set to “auto-connect” to the internet after receiving an SMS from the mobile network provider.

e) Ensure your phone is connected correctly to the internet through a “cable” or “WiFi connection”.

f) Ensure your phone is not blocked from accessing the “internet”.

How to fix mobile network state disconnected

How to fix Mobile network state disconnected AT&T

1. Reset Your Phone Settings (Reset System Setting)

Resetting your phone settings is the first step that you should take. You can reset your phone settings by following the below steps.

Step 1: Open your phone’s app drawer and tap on the ‘Settings’ option.

Step 2: Now, go to the ‘General’ tab and press the ‘Reset’ button.

Step 3: After pressing the reset button, wait for seconds. Then, you will get a pop-up window saying, “Your device has been successfully reset.”

2. Restart Your Device

Restarting your device is another method that you can use to fix the issue. If you continue (Factory Reset) your device, it will automatically reset itself. So, after restarting your device, you can check whether you can connect to the internet or not.

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3. Check Your WiFi Connection

Sometimes, the issue occurs because of the weak WiFi connection. You can switch off your WiFi connection and turn it back on again to fix this issue.

4. Change Your Carrier Setting

Changing your carrier is also one of the effective methods that you can use to solve this Network Signal issue. If you change your page, then it will help you out. You need to select the new carrier from the list to do so.

5. Update The Firmware Of Your Mobile Device

Updating the firmware of your mobile device is yet another method that you can consider. It will update the software of your device. Once you update the firmware, you won’t experience the same issue any more.

6. Change APN Settings

You can also change your APN settings to fix the issue. You can change the APN settings manually or use third-party apps.

You can also resolve most issues related to your mobile network by following some essential troubleshooting tips. For example, check to see if you have any software updates available. If so, install them immediately. Also, check to make sure that your wireless router is working correctly.

7. Try Changing Your Internet Service Provider (ISP)

You might find that changing your ISP helps to resolve the issue. If you are using an unsecured WiFi network at home, it could be causing the problem.

8. Reboot Your Network Router

Rebooting your router is one of the best ways to fix the issue. Just reboot your router once in a while to keep it running smoothly.

9. Turn Off Data Roaming Option

If you don’t have data roaming enabled, you will never face any issues. So, you can disable the data roaming option from your device.

Reconnect AT&T Mobile Network State Disconnected

This procedure is best used when you’re having problems connecting to the wireless network. Resetting the web will help erase any information stored in the network. Wait for the system to give you a prompt to complete the process. Restart the device, and the network connection is boosted with new default features.

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If your network connection is still not working, try changing the carrier. The next time you reboot the device, it will ask you to choose between two pages. Select the desired carrier and restart the device.

If all else fails, contact your service provider and see what they recommend.

Troubleshoot on Mobile Network State disconnected ATT

mobile network state disconnected

Your computer may be infected by malware or spyware. You should Reset your router to help boost the signal. Reset your phone.

You can also clear browser cookies and cache data. This will prevent the problem from happening again.

Disconnect From AT&T Wireless Internet

If you have an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, there’s a way to disconnect from the AT&T network. Tap OK.

Disconnect From AT&T Wireless Internet

Follow these steps if you don’t want to lose your existing data:

  1. Open up the Settings application.
  2. Scroll down until you find the Cellular Data section.
  3. Toggle the “Data Roaming” setting to Off.

AT&T Connections Issues

First, make sure that you have updated your operating system. Second, if your computer is running slow, try cleaning it up using CCleaner. Third, if you have tried everything but nothing seems to work, you might have to replace your modem.

AT&T Connections Problems

First, make sure that you’ve updated your operating system. Then, if your computer is slow, try cleaning it using CCleaner. Lastly, if you’ve tried everything, but nothing seems to work, you might have a bad modem.

Connecting to AT&T Wireless Internet

First, make sure that you haven’t changed your password. Next, reset your modem. Finally, restart your computer.

AT&T Connection Error Code 0x8007101b

Check your internet connection. Make sure that your modem has power. Reboot your computer.

Check your internet connection. Ensure that your modem has power and that the DSL/Cable line is plugged into the wall socket correctly. Try rebooting your computer.

Other Problems With Mobile Network State

Mobile network disconnects are caused by mismatches between SIM cards and the mobile network. Users should ensure that the SIM card matches the mobile network before connecting to the internet. This includes checking the mobile network type (3G or 4G), the mobile network name, and the operator.

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Users should know how to use airoplane mode and what triggers it. When users swipe their phones, they may accidentally activate airoplane mode. You can avoid this by holding down the power button until the screen goes black.

Mobile networks are always connected. Customer service agents need to be aware of this when dealing with customers who complain about poor connections.

When users connect to the internet via a mobile device, they are usually not connected to the same network as their computers. To access the internet, they must use WiFi hotspots or cellular data roaming.

A user’s home wireless router may block incoming traffic on port 80. You may configure a user’s home wireless network incorrectly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Reset my Modem?

Yes. If you’re having problems connecting to the AT&T network, check your modem first. Your modem may be faulty.

Why do I get an error code 0x80071010 when connecting to the AT&T wireless network?

This error message could mean one of two things: 1) Your SIM card does not match the AT&T network; 2) You are using a modem that doesn’t support the AT&T network.

Why am I getting a notification saying “No Service” when connected to WiFi at Starbucks?

You may be experiencing a problem with your WiFi hotspot provider. Contact the company directly.

What happens if I delete all the files from my SD Card?

If you delete all the files from your SD card, you will lose any information stored there.

What happens if my mobile network keeps disconnecting?

If you keep losing your mobile network connection, then it means that your SIM card is no longer compatible with the AT&T network you have been using. You’ll want to contact customer service immediately so that you can switch your SIM card to another AT&T network. If you don’t want to change your SIM card, try changing your mobile network type.

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