How did Joel McHale Meet His Wife Sarah Williams

How did Joel McHale Meet His Wife Sarah Williams

It’s hard for celebrities to stay hidden from the limelight, but one couple who have managed to do so despite being married for over twenty years is Joel McHale and his wife, Sarah Williams. The pair is still a mystery to fans, and it’s almost like they don’t have a lot of information for people to use to understand them.

McHale is an accomplished comedian and actor. For those who do not recognize his name, they will recognize his voice and face. He is known for his role as Jeff Winger on NBC’s Community and as a host on The Soup. He has been consistent in the entertainment industry for over two decades. He has also hosted the Tiger King’s after-show special. The entertainer has many voiceovers, hosts events, guest appearances and recurring roles.

Sarah Williams is an American citizen, born on August 10, 1970. She lost her father when she was only ten years old and this forced her mother to raise her and her sibling alone. She always praises her mother for working so hard to ensure that they had a wonderful childhood. Her mother currently has Alzheimer’s. Not much is known about her past and current profession, but according to McHale, she is a super mom who can do great things. The entertainer and his wife usually go to events together, so knowing how the two met would be worthwhile.

Sarah and Joel first met when the entertainer had just finished college at the University of Washington. He immediately fell in love with her, and he asked her further through a mutual friend. The couple met in 1995 when they were still in their twenties. Joel once confessed that before meeting his future wife, he was unlucky when it came to love and thought it would end the same, so he approached her through the boyfriend. The friend said, “I’ll ask, but there’s a good chance, buddy,” McHale recalled. Sarah seized the opportunity, and it looks like the two started off with a bang. They dated for a year before getting married in 1996 among friends and family. During their marriage, Williams was in her mother’s old dress.

In 2020, Williams posted several photos of the wedding celebration as she was married to her husband for 24 years. She said: “24 years ago @joelmchale and I did this. We were young and in love and probably naive, but I’m so grateful that we found each other and continued to choose each other. I love you!” She went on to say that the dress had been vintage since her mother wore it to her wedding in 1967, while the necklace belonged to her late grandmother.

Their two sons

The couple has two sons and they share their home with three dogs and a rabbit. They are not very active on social media, although they do share photos of their time with their children and pets. The couple had problems after the birth of their first child. McHale said: “He was born with two big holes in his heart. It was horrible; we couldn’t believe it. But we just started it. There’s nothing you can do but keep going,” he continued. tunnel, but we came out the other side. For other parents, it’s a tunnel that never ends.” A year before the entertainer appeared in Community, his wife had another child, Isaac, and the couple also had a miscarriage.

They describe this as one of their most difficult moments and are Dr. Drew Pinsky grateful to be with them during that time. The actor opened up about the situation and how they are forever indebted to the Loveline host. “This is very personal, but my wife had a miscarriage and we really talked to him a lot,” McHale told US Weekly. “It was so strange and wonderful that this very famous TV doctor said, ‘Yeah, what’s going on?’ We are forever indebted to that man.” The couple lives with their sons in Hollywood Hills, California.

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