Have you seen Danni Mobin’s new ‘Paori’ video? This time such a twist

Remember the story of Pakistan’s ‘Paori Ho Rahi Hai’ daughter Danni Mobin? He went viral not only in Pakistan but also in neighboring countries with his video ‘Paori Ho Ho Hai’. Now a new video of Danni Mobin has surfaced, where he has given a new twist to ‘Power New Video’. He himself shared this video on social media, which is going very viral.

A new twist is given in the video ‘Paori’
A video of Danani Mobin is going viral on social media so that she can be seen giving lip service. In the video he is trying to imitate the dialogue of a girl child. In this video the girl has given a new twist to the ‘Paori’ video and watched her father’s party.

Mobin of Danni believes in the little girl
Danini Mobin shared two videos. The first video shows him licking his lips. On the other hand, the second video is of a girl trying to imitate Danani. Sharing the video, he wrote, ‘Friends, I am fascinated to see this girl. This is the best version of Power Ho Ho Ho Hai. Swipe to watch the original video.

Fans are liking the copy
Fans are also constantly commenting on this video. Millions of likes have been found in this video. One fan wrote – ‘Great power is happening.’ One fan wrote, ‘Wow copy copy.’ Another social media user wrote, ‘Baap ki pavri.’

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Danani’s Mobin came to limelight in 2021
Let me inform you that the video of Danni Mobin’s ‘Paori Ho Rahi Hai’ has gone viral. In 2021, Danani’s Mobin video went viral. Yashraj Mukate also composed a song about it, then a new trend started on the internet. Many artists and influential people have created reels and videos about it.

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