Gibbons: Beyond The Trees (Apple Arcade) Review: Simple but Stunning

Gibbons: Beyond The Trees is a simple yet beautiful story to get the most out of your ProMotion display on the iPhone 13 Pro. Here’s a short review.

Apple Arcade has been handing out quality games one after the other, and if you’ve been waiting to get a subscription, there couldn’t be a better time than now. After trying out the delightful Wylde Flower last time, Apple Arcade adds another fresh indie title from a different genre. Gibbon: Beyond the Trees comes from Broken Rules, an Austrian Indie developer who collaborated on this title with Gibbon Rehabilitation Project, Bruno Manser Fund, Gibbon Conservation Society and Rainforest Rescue.

Gibbons: Beyond The Trees takes you on a journey to discover our footprints on the environment and, in general, how we threaten the species that have coexisted for millions of years. Gibbons is an easy and kid-friendly game to play, and if you’re considering downloading this on your iPhone or iPad, read our quick review of this Apple Arcade title.

Gibbons: Beyond The Trees: Storyline

As you might have guessed, Gibbons: Beyond The Trees takes you on a journey with a family of gibbons, meandering through the wild forests and discovering an evolving world. But the family soon discovers the pain of separation and all the dangers associated with human settlement. As you play along, you go through the emotions that emphasize freedom, caring, love and survival. As you progress through the story, the story becomes heartbreaking and towards the end it makes you think about the actions of humanity as a whole.

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Gibbons: Beyond The Trees: Gameplay

Gibbons: Beyond The Trees is a 2D tap party where your timing plays a key role in navigating the obstacles with these animated gibbons. The game relies on the dynamics of the swing and your ability to judge the trajectory, and find out which action works better to progress faster. You can also choose to take it easy and enjoy the beautifully painted vistas enriched with beautiful colors and light effects. The gameplay dynamics are mostly simple, but some of those cinematic cliff jumps can be tricky to master.

You initially start in Story Mode which takes almost an hour of your life. Once you do that, the game will unlock a new Liberation Mode that can be accessed from the main menu. In this mode, you go through the same 2D forests to free captive gibbons and birds. This is a nice way to keep the game relevant even after you’re done with Story Mode.

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As with other tap-and-swipe fests like Alto’s Odyssey, Gibbons: Beyond The Trees doesn’t show where the controls are. That’s why the first few minutes of the game are crucial to learning the controls. Occasionally the game will show you the control tips if you are stuck on a level.

Gibbons: Beyond The Trees: Graphics

Those who have played Alto’s Odyssey and similar tap-based games will feel comfortable here. Developer Broken Rules did a masterful job with the artwork and showed off some of the most beautiful painted backgrounds I’ve seen in a mobile game. It’s simple but clever choices of colors and lighting effects make the game a really enjoyable title to play.

Be it the lush green forests, the burning remnants of human exploitation or the helicopter adventure, it all looks great. On a device like the iPhone 13 Pro Max, the higher refresh rate certainly helps make it all run smoother, although those playing on iPads and MacBooks will have a more immersive experience on their larger screens.

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Most new Apple Arcade titles break new ground by delivering high-quality gameplay experiences combined with a simple story and strong underlying messages. Gibbons: Beyond The Trees is another such attempt. The game will make young players and even adults think about the underlying message of protecting the environment and caring for other species in order to live better together on this planet. In the meantime, you can experience a beautifully designed game that is easy to play and peaceful to watch.

Gibbons: Beyond The Trees is available on Apple Arcade and if you’re a subscriber, you should try it right away. The game will also be released on PC and consoles at a later date.

product name

Gibbons: Beyond the Trees


  • Beautiful graphics
  • Moving Storyline
  • Easy to play


  • Exclusive to Apple Arcade
  • Mandatory Story Mode


  • Platform

    iOS, macOS, iPadOS

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