Garena Free Fire MAX Update: From Striking New Features to Awesome Characters – Here’s What’s New

Garena Free Fire MAX update has been rolled out. A new character and various features have been added to the game. Players can check out the details below.

Garena Free Fire MAX has received certain updates including features for a new character and much more. Reporting System Improvements have also been made to the game that allow players to report another player on their match history page. Players can now even report another player in leaderboards in CS mode, new reporting reasons have been added, and now players can track their progress with optimized in-game email reporting responses. The updates will be available from March 3, 2022. Here’s everything you need to know:

1. In-Game Voice Chat Reporting Feature: Now Garena Free Fire MAX players can report inappropriate voice chat calls. According to the information provided by the game, the detection will only take place when a report is sent, in order to protect your privacy. A new function has been added to the current mute button where you can report selected player(s) on the spot. Once Verbal Harassment is verified, the player will face a stupid penalty and a drop in credit score.

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2. Get Free Characters With Link: Players can get free characters by playing games in each mode. Now all existing characters are available for free via a link. It may be noted that players can only link with one character at a time. There is a limit to the Link Points players get per day. Players can boost their link progress with coins (limited per day).

3. New Character: Kenta– Team shield, decreases damage taken. Kenta is your team’s most reliable backup. When he activates Swordsman’s Wrath, he puts the gun down and generates a shield in front of him. Teammates behind his shield will benefit from the partial damage negation. Kenta is a great frontline fighter. character and will make sure to help your team to break through heavy fire. Don’t forget to follow in his footsteps!”, the game said.

Swordsman’s Wrath: Swordsman’s Wrath forms a 5-meter-wide frontal shield that reduces 50 percent weapon damage coming from the front. Lasts 2/3/3.5/4/4.5/5s and resets after firing a shot. Cool down: 210/200/190/180/170/160s

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4. Craftland Updates: Customizable Skill Cooldown – Active skill cooldown can now be adjusted in Craftland. When creating a map, toggle to toggle passive and active skills on and off. Cooldowns for active skills can be adjusted to a minimum of zero seconds.

Clipping feature: Overlapping objects are now enabled. The clipping objects feature allows multiple objects to occupy the same space.

Grouping feature: Multiple objects can be grouped and edited together. In editor mode, select and group objects together, and rotate/move your grouped objects at the same time.

Interactive Item – Dice: New interactive item available in Craftland. Dice can now be placed in Craftland. They bounce freely when touched by other players or dice.

Parkour Mode – Vehicles: Parkour Mode is now open for car drivers. Now checkpoints are activated when prompted by vehicles.

5. Other Craftland Improvements: The other improvements include: The maximum number of items allowed on your map has been increased from 1000 to 1600. Adjusted button positions in certain QoL editor modes. Creators can now see new subscribers, likes, and other stats when they open the Craftland homepage. Added new common items. New background for the 360 ​​degree lobby. The user interface optimized for item display in the 360-degree lobby. Optimized the reload animation for the M500.

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