Garena Free Fire: ‘How To Start A Fire’ Out Today; unlock free Hayato character now

Garena Free Fire: How To Start A Fire, the first Free Fire Universe Animated Short was released today. Players can also unlock free Hayato characters by logging into the game today. Here’s everything you need to know.

The first animated short from the Free Fire Universe, How To Start A Fire, was released today, Saturday, April 23, 2022. “Join Hayato on his journey through the world of Free Fire in the latest movie, How To Start A Fire, on April 23!” Garena Free Fire said in a statement. Garena Free Fire players can enjoy in-game rewards and free Hayato characters by logging into Free Fire today.Apart from this, players will also be able to explore the new Zombie Invasion mode on April 29 and the Shootersville web event on May 2.

“With Free Fire Tales: The First Battle, the first campaign based on the game’s lore, well underway, fans and players can look forward to the release of the main movie, How To Start A Fire, in addition to a series of exciting in-game activities and rewards are coming April 23, 2022!,” said Free Fire. Here’s everything you need to know:

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About how to start a fire

Free Fire fans and players can watch the main movie, How To Start A Fire, which premieres on April 23. Through cinematic visuals and exciting storytelling, players can get a first-hand look at Free Fire lore through Hayato Yagami’s lens as he takes on the first battle in the Free Fire worldview setting.

The film illustrates Hayato’s journey into the world of Free Fire as he navigates life in search of ways to resolve his inner struggles. A terrible family tragedy leaves Hayato with the burden of finding the truth behind the tragedy and fighting the rival Horizon Council faction to maintain his position and ensure the survival of the family business.

Watch the main film How To Start A Fire on the website here

Free Fire Tales: The First Battle will take over Free Fire from April 23

Free Fire appears to provide players with an immersive and integrated experience with exciting in-game activities packed with elements of Free Fire Tales: The First Battle.

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A special interface will go live in Free Fire on April 23, along with other themed rewards and in-game activities. Players can also anticipate the launch of the new Sci-Turf map for the Lone Wolf game mode. In addition to completing daily in-game missions in exchange for rewards, players can also grab a broken katana and unlock the Hayato character for free when they log into the game the same day.

Players can also earn tokens by completing in-game missions to participate in the “Beast Run!” gameplay web event. Players have to go as far as possible through obstacles to collect higher points.

Exciting modes and events to discover in the coming weeks

Free Fire players will soon face new threats in Bermuda with the arrival of the Zombie Invasion mode on April 29. A total of five variations of zombies await players, prompting them to give everything they have to be the last man standing.

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Following closely, the new monopoly-style web event Shootersville will also launch in Free Fire on May 2. Players can complete daily tasks and earn tokens to build their village. Upgrades to the village generate more tokens that can be exchanged for exclusive rewards or collectibles.

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