You can be FORBIDDEN in Garena Free Fire if you do any of these activities

Garena Free Fire developers have strict policies against certain activities including cheating and hacking which will definitely ban a user from the platform

Garena Free Fire, the online multiplayer battle game, has become incredibly popular among gamers. But sometimes, gamers can get a little too ambitious and engage in activities that can definitely get them banned from the platform. Garena Free Fire cheaters and hackers should know that they will be punished by the developers of the game. So make sure you never participate in any kind of cheating or hacking and rely on your skills and teammates to get through the game.

Garena Free Fire is closely monitored by the developers to ensure that the community gets the best gaming experience. Accordingly, the game has explicit guidelines about what activities are not tolerated on the platform and may result in a ban. Aside from blatant hacking and cheating, these include using bugs and glitches or third party apps to gain advantage while playing. Free Fire believes in a level playing field and fair participation, so any activity that creates an unfair gaming experience for any user will not be accepted by the game’s publishers.

So make sure you never do any activities in Garena Free Fire that could lead to you getting banned. Read on to learn which activities a user is likely to be banned from for their behavior.

Garena Free Fire Ban: Here You Can Get Banned

The following list is not an exhaustive list, and as hackers and cheaters come up with more ways to ruin the gaming experience for everyone, more items will be added to the list. But for now, participating in these activities is a way of never playing Garena Free Fire again.

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1. Using Unauthorized Tools: If a user uses any tools that could impact the game or give him/her an unfair advantage while playing, it will lead to a ban.

2. Use of a modified/unauthorized game client: If a user uses a modified or unauthorized version of the game for any purpose, it will be banned.

3. Using Unofficial Programs to Take Advantage: If a user is caught using bugs, glitches, or any other kind of third party program or code to gain an unfair advantage, that user will be banned.

4. Modify Model Files: If a user changes the existing model files of the game for any reason, it will be banned.

5. Bypassing the anti-hacking system by transferring data locally: If a user tries to transfer their user data locally in an attempt to circumvent the anti-hacking system of the game, once caught, they will be banned.

6. Be reported by other users: If a user is repeatedly reported by others for abnormal movements, play or behavior, they will be banned.

Garena Free Fire’s official support page states about each of the aforementioned behaviors: “We have adopted a zero-tolerance policy, any account found guilty will be permanently suspended and final.”

However, if you don’t engage in such behavior, don’t worry, as Garena Free Fire developers carefully analyze each incident before banning a user.

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