Very soon you will be able to BUY Sony PlayStation 5 consoles just like any other gadget

Sony says the PS5 console will now be made in greater numbers than before. Here are all the details.

Sony PlayStation 5 will be made in unprecedented numbers, Sony says. A recent report says that Sony has vowed to increase production of the PS5 console “to levels it has never reached before”. This is done to keep up with rising demand. Sony said this in a meeting with investors, during which it also highlighted the successes and struggles the company has faced since the launch of the PS5 console. Sony also hopes to outsell the PS5 consoles over the PS4 consoles by 2024.

Gizmodo’s report says that Sony has confirmed to increase production of the PlayStation 5 console. Sony also said it could only sell 2 million PS5 consoles in the last quarter, adding to its total quota of 19.3 million units since launch. There is also some information on how it will handle the chip shortage situation.

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Sony PS5 production goes up

The report says Sony can increase the supply soon enough for the PS5 console to catch up with the PS4 console in 2024. Until then, Sony will turn to multiple suppliers for “greater flexibility in unstable market conditions” to address the supply shortages caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and avoid “logistics and parts inventory” issues.

What remains to be seen is how soon we will get Sony PS5 units available in stock. At the moment, Sony India is selling the PS5 consoles in limited batches. Microsoft, on the other hand, has sold the cheaper Xbox Series S console more often on Flipkart and Amazon. In fact, with its lower price tag and access to the tempting Xbox Game Pass subscription, the Xbox Series S can be had for a much lower price than the Sony PlayStation 5 Digital version. On the contrary, the PS5 is much more powerful than the Xbox Series S, and Microsoft doesn’t want to sell the Xbox Series X console.

Flipkart is even selling the Xbox Series S console at its lowest price ever. You can buy the console box for a price of Rs. 30,499, which is a steal for gamers on a budget. For that price, you get the option to play games in 2K resolution and up to 120 fps. You also get smart features like Quick Resume, eliminating the need to save games while exiting the game.

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